Jones Talks About Rumors

The quarterback situation for the 2006 recruiting class became somewhat puzzled recently with reports out of the Arkansas media stating that Notre Dame had dropped one of their two committed quarterbacks in favor of recruiting Springdale, Ark. quarterabck Mitch Mustain. We spoke with Morgan Park, Ill. quarterback Demetrius Jones, one of the two quarterbacks already committed to the 2006 class, to get his thoughts on these rumors.

Rumors started circulating on Monday night that Notre Dame had dropped one of their prized quarterback recruits in the 2006 recruting class in favor of recruiting five-star quarterback Mitch Mustain.

"I don't care about that stuff," quarterback Demetrius Jones said about the rumors circling about Notre Dame's recruitment of quarterbacks. "I know that stuff isn't true.

"I find it kind of funny. It's almost like this is some presidential election and people are digging up stuff and making up stuff."

Jones said he's never felt more comfortable or confident in his relationship with the Irish coaching staff.

"I just talked to coach Ianello today," he said. "I've been texting with coach Weis all day. I know where I stand with these guys and they know where I stand. We have a great relationship. I can't wait to get a chance to work with them."

Jones is surprised that this stuff is happening, however.

"These guys are in Arkansas," he said. "How would they know what's going on at Notre Dame? They don't know what's going on here. They're just trying to attack Zach (Frazer) and I for some reason. I think it just shows the maturity level of some people. They don't know anything about me."

The Chicago, Ill. native had some final words for Notre Dame fans.

"You tell the Notre Dame fans that Demetrius Jones is doing everything he can to focus on my academics and to get prepared to come in a win the quarterback job at Notre Dame. I don't care about anything else. That's my goal." Top Stories