Irish Eyes Video: Trevor Laws

Defensive tackle Trevor Laws is excited to get the chance to play Ohio State. Laws spoke yesterday about Notre Dame's opportunity to play the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl.

Defensive lineman Trevor Laws talks about Ohio State in this Irish Eyes Video

Trevor Laws Transcript

On how much this game will determine whether this is a good year for Notre Dame or a great year:

"I think it's everything. Lots of people are doubting us, and they don't think we're good enough to play at this level—that we shouldn't be here. I just think how can you think that? How close we came to an undefeated season. We have a lot to prove. In order to be where we want to be next year in the polls, in order to prove those people wrong that think we're not good enough, if we win this game it will make it a great year for us."

In Columbus everyone was hoping to play Notre Dame. Did Laws have the same wish to play Ohio State?

"Yeah, I've always wanted to play Ohio State. I'm from the Midwest. They're one of those teams like Michigan that you always want to go face-to-face with. I think this is going to be a great match-up for college football."

On if he remembers any of the Ohio State games in years past:

"No, I don't remember any of them. I'm sure they were pretty good."

Are there names on the Ohio State offense that he feels he has to stop to win the game:

"Yeah, Troy Smith. He's a duel-threat quarterback. That always changes everything about an offense. Your pass rushers can't go full steam at him because you know he's going to make people miss and get outside and make plays there. It changes your whole attitude. You have to contain the quarterback, make sure he can't get outside and make plays. It changes the whole scheme."

On if he's seen anyone like Smith this year:

"We've seen running quarterbacks and we've seen passing quarterbacks, but a quarterback with this kind of combination of skill, passing and running, I don't think we've seen anyone like that."

On if he's watched much film of Ohio State yet:

"We've looked at a little bit of film. The only thing I really know so far is their playmakers, their quarterback's athletic ability and their big, physical O-line."

On if this O-line stacks up with the best they've played so far:

"As far as I've seen, you can't really tell until you get on the field, but they've got to some big, athletic bodies in there. They look like great players."

On why this defense usually plays their best games when people doubt them:

"That's just something about people saying your not good enough, you're going to get it handed to you. I think that really makes us step up. You've got all that adversity."

On if certain media's comments that they don't belong in the BCS motives this team:

"It makes me mad. I don't see how people can say that when you think how close we came to an undefeated season. It really makes us playing harder knowing we've got something to prove. You don't want to make those guys right at all. We've got something to prove this year so it makes you play hard."

On if he's enjoyed not having to practice much the past few weeks:

"It's going to be kind of body shock next week. It's been nice kind of getting your legs back. Everybody has bumps and bruises right now. The season takes its toll on your body. It's been nice getting back into the shape where you were at the beginning of the year." Top Stories