Irish Eyes Video: Victor Abiamiri

Defensive end Victor Abiamiri is coming off his best performance of the season. The junior recorded four sacks against Stanford and is hoping to have a similar performance in the Fiesta Bowl.

Defensive end Victor Abiamiri talks about Ohio State in this Irish Eyes Video

Victor Abiamiri Transcript

Abiamiri on people doubting this team's chances to beat Ohio State:

"I think definitely before the season no one thought we would be here. I think week in and week out having different guys say that Notre Dame isn't as good as advertised and won't win, we kind of took that to heart and kind of helped us bond together as a team. We're definitely taking that ‘us against the world' mentality into this bowl game."

On if the doubters anger and motivate the Notre Dame defense:

"I definitely think it motivates us to play hard and play better. Having different critics say different things about us kind of fuels us and makes us works that much harder."

On why this defense seems to play their best games when people doubt them the most:

"For us to come from where we were last year and battling through the spring, just every week gelling together with those guys. We just know how much effort the guys have put into it and that's why we've gotten better every game this season."

On if he likes playing in the underdog role that they'll likely be in for this game:

"I definitely love the underdog role because I think you're hungrier when you're and underdog. One of the toughest football teams to be is a hungry football team and I think being an underdog, and not having a bowl for the past how many years will allow us to be hunger. And I think we're definitely a tough team to beat when we're hungry."

On coming off his best performance of the season against Stanford:

"I think Stanford was a pretty good effort on my part. I think being able to string a lot more of those together, be able to play a whole season like that, I'm definitely capable of doing that. I'm excited about getting a chance to do it again against Ohio State."

On how much he dislikes playing mobile quarterbacks:

"I'd say it would frustrate you a little bit, but that's what separates good teams from mediocre—teams that play frustrated and teams that play disciplined. You have to understand that you have to do your job. If you do your job and play disciplined football, everything will fall into place."

On this team playing with a lot more confidence this year:

"I think we are a different team. We're more of a team. We look to the guys around us for strength. It's an ‘us against the world' mentality and we're in it for each other. We're not in it for anything else. I think that's made us a stronger football team."

On how much the past seven losses really matter in this bowl game and does it really come into play in this game:

"I think we're not really trying to harp too much on what's happened in the past. One of the major focuses for us is that it's a new football team. We're a team than all those other teams in years past, but winning a bowl game was definitely one of our goals at the beginning of the season and we're trying to finish out the season strong with the bowl game win." Top Stories