Irish Eyes Video: Tom Zbikowski

Safety Tom Zbikowski says he's getting the itch to start hitting someone again. The junior talks about facing Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl on January 2.

Tom Zbikowski talks about the Buckeyes in this Irish Eyes Video

Tom Zbikowski Transcript

Zbikowski on if he likes playing teams like Ohio State that like to run the ball first:

"I think is another Big 10 team. It's going to be a physical game. It's going to be a street fight. It's going to be two good defenses. It's going to be two good offenses. Special teams is going to play a big role, too. But looking at this offense, and having that balance and having Troy Smith being able to pick up a third down through using his legs. It's going to be a tough game. It's going to be a challenge for us."

On their winning season and all the perks that go with it like magazine articles in ESPN the magazine:

"Coming off a disappointing season last year, we were 6-6, there's not much coverage on the team. It's ‘Notre Dame's losing' and they're not winning. When you get that interest, that public interest, you get to see what Notre Dame is all about. You get to see the quality people that Notre Dame has around it."
br> On how the secondary has improved when most questioned whether they could get it done this year:

"It has been fun to watch guys develop, especially with last year it being a question mark and it being kind of the weak point, and this year being a question mark. Coming out and seeing, I don't know how many picks we have between us, I think its double digits. I think just seeing us making plays, causing fumbles, recovering fumbles, making big plays is what we need to keep doing."

On if this is what he expected Notre Dame football to be about when coming here—BCS games, etc.: "Yeah, this was what I was expecting to happen every single year. Obviously it hasn't, but we've done the best we can to bring it back."

On if it feels good to bring Notre Dame back to expectations:

"It helps you realize that you came to Notre Dame and came to college to accomplish something and we're accomplishing that."

On if he's talked with anyone who's played Ohio State and asked what to expect:

"Yeah, I had a buddy who goes to Michigan State, so he kind of gave me a breakdown of them. Just watching film you don't get that other aspect of actually playing them or getting a feel for playing them."

On if he's surprised Ohio State and Notre Dame hadn't played more than their four previous meetings:

"It is unusual. I was a bit of an Ohio State fan when I was younger, but I was a big Notre Dame fan. It's a big surprise. Two Midwest teams, you'd figure it would be a rivalry like us and Michigan or us and Michigan State or Purdue. But I'm not in charge of scheduling so I can't do anything about it."

On being off for so long and if he feels the wait to practice is the right move:

"I think (Weis) has got us on the right track because once you get that itch, you feel like you need to be hitting somebody, you need to be doing something physical, I think you know your body is healed up from the season. We had some physical games through (the schedule). We had some big games. We had some emotional games, so we had to regroup, get ready, and next week we'll be practicing every day. We'll be ready and get that timing back." Top Stories