Yeatman Picks Lacrosse, Notre Dame

Will Yeatman of Rancho Bernardo high school (Poway, Calif.) had to decide which scholarship he was going to accept. A football scholarship would have taken him to Maryland and a lacrosse scholarship sends him to Notre Dame. This afternoon Yeatman called Notre Dame lacrosse coach Kevin Corrigan to inform him that he'd like to be apart of the Irish lacrosse program at least for a year.

"I'm excited to be part of he program," Will Yeatman said of his decision to come to Notre Dame. "I committed to coach Corrigan.

It's funny I haven't even talked to coach Weis yet. I'm going to call him in a little bit. He'll probably read your article before I even talk to him.

"The first year it's a lacrosse scholarship. I committed to the lacrosse coach because it's his money and he recruited me, so I thought it was important to talk to him first.

"He was very, very excited," Yeatman said of coach Corrigan's reaction. "He said ‘Oh my gosh that's awesome. It's a great thing for the program.' I was excited that he said that.

"I've really always wanted to see how I would compete at the Division I college lacrosse level. That's why I'm really excited about the situation that I'm going into at Notre Dame, with the lacrosse scholarship in my first year.

"I will be playing football my first year. I won't be playing in any games, but I will be able to practice with the team. My second year, it will be a football scholarship.

"Football is in the fall and lacrosse is in the spring," Yeatman explained. "I'll work out with the football team this summer and fall. Once spring comes, I'll only be playing lacrosse. Top Stories