Texas Junior a Difference Maker

Hendrickson high school (Pflugerville, Texas) has only been in existence for three years and the Hawks have only been playing varsity football for two, but in hasn't taken them long to get into the Texas tradition of producing top Division I football talent.

Coach Weirich will be sending Terrell Reese off to play for Mike Stoops and the Arizona Wildcats next season, but that doesn't mean that the cupboard is bare for this Texas program. Rising up to take Terrell's place will be his brother Joseph Reese.

"He's a three-sport guy, basketball, football and track," coach Weirich said of his standout junior athlete. "He's an outstanding athlete. He finished fifth in the state in the 100 meters with a 10.5 as a sophomore. He has run a 10.4 100 meters. He has true sprinter speed.

"Last year as a sophomore he rushed for 946 yards in seven games. He was injured in week six this season, but in five games he ended up rushing for 546 yards on 73 carries. He scored 12 touchdowns, that includes a 101-yard kick-off return. We put him back there once and he took it the distance. He has another gear."

"He's a slasher," coach Weirich said of Joseph's running style. "He's physical. He doesn't mind running inside or outside. His long runs have all been to the outside, once he gets that corner it's over. He doesn't mind carrying the ball between the tackles. He keeps his shoulders square. If you get in his way, he'll just as likely try to run over as he will around you. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He has good hands. He could be an outstanding cornerback, if we chose to play him defensively. He's tall, can run and jump. He's pretty special.

"He wants the ball in his hands. If it's third and short, he wants the ball. He's definitely developing as a leader. I expect him to be a leader. As valuable as he's become to us on offense we've just decided not to play him on defense. He's a difference maker no matter where you put him. He'll play at 190-195 pounds next year. I don't think he'll have any trouble carrying 215 pounds."

Because his brother was being recruited by some of the top programs in the country, most of the big schools are well aware of Joseph's potential.

"Really everyone who is coming through here right now thinks he can be a great tailback in college," coach Weirich said of Reese's position at the next level. "He could play corner at the Division I level though. Oklahoma came through here in the spring when we were just out in shorts and the coach said ‘that kid can play on Sundays as a corner.' He has great quickness, change of direction and he doesn't mind being physical.

"Texas A&M has offered him, Nebraska has offered, LSU, Oklahoma; there may be some others that I'm not sure about. He's getting plenty of mail from the Michigan's to the Florida schools…you name it.

"Coach Haywood was here this spring," Weirich said the Notre Dame offensive coordinator. "They were through, and I expect that they'll be back."

"He's good academically too." Weirich added.

Another player coach Weirich has that Division I schools are looking at is linebacker Josh Gaines (6-1, 205-pound).

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