QB Sam Keller has narrowed down to 5

<P>Danville CA QB <B>Sam Keller</B> has narrowed his list down to 5. Notre Dame is one of the lucky 5 schools on his list. With a Father who played for Michigan, does Notre Dame have much of a chance?</P>

Sam Keller has had two educations in life. The one he is receiving from San Ramon Valley high school in Danville CA and one in football. Sam's Dad, Sam Sr. has been in football all his life. He played at Michigan and played professionally for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a scout for the Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks. He worked in Amsterdam and Frankfurt with the World League and recently was a V.P. for the XFL. Sam Sr. thinks this will help Sam. "Sam has been around football all of his life and I think that is going to help him when he moves on to college,"

Sam Jr. has all the tools. He is 6-4 210 pounds. Last year, Sam Jr. completed 65% of his passes for 2800 yards and 28 touchdowns with only 4 interceptions. Those numbers have impressed over 100 colleges who have contacted Sam by phone or mail. Sam also has three scholarship offers so far from Michigan, Illinois and Kansas State. Arizona and Oregon also appear that they are close to offering.

Sam Sr. talks about the plan. "We have a plan and we have stuck to that plan. Sam and I picked 10 schools he might be interested in. He wanted to feel comfortable with the coaching staff. He wanted to know that opportunities were there after football with alumni support. He wanted to feel comfortable in the style of play of each school and he just wanted the opportunity to compete. We started with 10 schools, went to see quite a few of them and then started to narrow it down a little bit."

Sam Sr. said they have narrowed it down to 5 or 6 schools. Notre Dame, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas State, Oregon and Arizona. Notre Dame has yet to offer but coach Diedrick is scheduled to be at the San Ramon Valley next Tuesday to take a look at Sam. I was also told he plans to go see QB Kyle Wright of Monte Vista HS in Danville CA as well. I think we will know very soon if Notre Dame plans to offer.

Sam plans to make an early decision. "I just wanted to make an early decision to get the pressure off me. I just want to enjoy my senior season ." I asked Sam what the final deciding factors were going to be. "I just want to feel comfortable there. I want to feel comfortable with the coaching staff and I would want to feel comfortable there if I am not playing football." Sam says he plans to have his decision made by the end of July.

With all the ties to Michigan for both Sam Sr. and Sam Jr., I asked both of them if any other school really had much of a shot. Sam Sr. had some interesting comments. "Well, I think they do. As a father, I have to take off my Michigan hat and put on my father hat. I grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan but a lot of my family were Notre Dame fans. I had a brother who went to Notre Dame." Sam Jr. also seemed to think other schools had a shot as well. "I just want to go to a school that I feel most comfortable. I like all the schools I have visited in the Midwest. Michigan, Illinois and Notre Dame were all very impressive. I hope that Notre Dame will offer me."

My personal thoughts from talking to both Sam Jr. and Sam Sr. are that I feel it will come down to Michigan and Notre Dame if Notre Dame offers. I really wouldn't want to guess which team he will choose if Notre Dame offers but I do think it will be close. Sam does plan to visit Oregon on June 9th for the Nike Camp so they could jump right up to the top with a good visit as well.

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