Irish Eyes Video: Maurice Stovall

Wide Receiver Maurice Stovall will play his final game for Notre Dame on January 2. Stovall talked about his final game and his future after Monday's practice.

Wide receiver Maurice Stovall talks about the bowl game in this Irish Eyes Video

Maurice Stovall Transcript

Stovall on happy to be done with finals:

"I think I was happy to be done with school, especially after coming off a tough week of finals. A lot of guys had papers to finish. It felt good being out there again today, and then again, a lot of guys, (it's) kind of dreadful because we have two-a-days this week. I think we did pretty good for being the first day back out there."

On what the "training camp mentality" means to this team:

"It just means grinding with football again like how it is with football in the summer. You know you have football all day. No other responsibilities. You're there from 6:30 in the morning and you don't leave until 9:30-10 at night. It's like training camp again. We don't have any other responsibilities this week, so our focus is just on Ohio State."

On if he's looking for to seeing his family for Christmas:

"I look forward to coming home for Christmas a lot, especially since I haven't been home in awhile. I think it's since the beginning of the summer. A lot of guys came back here early and we've been back here training and working out. You really don't have time during the season because you have school and football. It feels good to be home and see your family. We only get three days before we go to Arizona, but it's a nice break.

On what he wants from Christmas:

"I probably hope for a win—get that bowl ring when we play Ohio State. That's what I look forward too most. I don't want anything for Christmas. That would definitely make my holiday."

On what the last year has meant to him and what has been different:

"A lot of things have been different. Our whole program has turned around since coach Willingham was here. We started off very well and then kind of died off for two years. Just being here with a lot of older guys, the fifth-year guys, see us progress and mature and overcome adversity and the tough times we've had here. To have the type of season we've had, maybe it isn't the type of outcome we wanted as far as record, but just seeing how things have changed a lot. It's been happy. You've had some ups and downs, but it feels good to see guys graduate and get that degree."

On trying to balance his last game, Ohio State, and getting things ready for a possible NFL career:

"It's not that tough. My father usually handles those things as far as agents and the NFL. It hasn't been hard. I'm just trying to concentrate on my season and finish out the season well…leave a mark here at the University. At the same time finish up my academics. I only have three more credits this next semester. In the now and the present, it's Ohio State." Top Stories