Irish Eyes Video: Darius Walker

Running back Darius Walker talks about the break and Notre Dame's bowl preparations.

Running back Darius Walker talks about the Buckeyes in this Irish Eyes Video

Darius Walker Transcript

On his initial thoughts when he heard Weis was hired:

"I figured it was another coach, not in the sense that he was just average, but he was another big-time coach who comes in and really knows what he's doing. After meeting him I think you get a sense that he's more down to earth than you'd think, and especially for someone who's had so much success as coach Weis has had at the pro level. He's still has a way of joking around with his players and keeping things interesting. That was something that stood out to me about him."

On what he thought when Weis made the statement: "thing are going to change around here:" "With football, when you hear things are going to change, you're thinking the level of practice is going to go up. There's going to be two-a-days after two-a-days and a lot of hard work. It really didn't come down to that. When he said changes, I think he really meant psychological. He really changed our mindset of the game and how to go out and play and how to focus on different things."

On what the little things were that he did that changed the attitude of the team:

"I don't know, I guess it was one of those things where he instilled one idea in us each day. I guess if you can do that, after awhile you have enough information in our heads that we'll be able to follow."

On Ohio State's run defense:

"They're just big guys. They're some big, physical guys that run very well to the ball. It's always a challenge, especially when you see guys like A.J. Hawk and the guys they have at linebacker who can move the way they do and are very athletic. It makes it difficult to go against."

On what A.J. Hawk does better than anyone else:

"Flow to the ball. He's really one of those linebackers that somehow always finds the ball. No matter whether you're throwing or running, he's always going to be around the ball. It's almost like he's got some kind of voodoo magic or something. He's going to be there."

On having time now to just focus strictly on football:

"The break was good, but I definitely think it was time to get back and get into the swing of things. The first day I know we had to get some kinks out of things. It's always a little process coming back in the first day. None of us probably did anything over break, so we kind of have to get acclimated again. Nobody really likes training camp."

On if he thought it was important to take the time off to heal and then now they can focus solely on football:

"I think coach did a good job with that, allowing us to finish up strong in the classroom. I think a lot of us needed that and needed that extra time and enjoy that extra time. It gave our bodies a rest without having to do anything at all. I think we're well rested and I think we'll be ready to go."

On the Weis comment that he enjoys the mental part of the game and if the team feels the same way:

"Definitely. Intellectually, you've really got to be a smart guy to play this game, especially under someone like coach Weis' system. It's so complex. You really have to understand the game. I think that being under this coaching staff and being under this type of offense, in just one year I've grown so much as far as football knowledge goes that you can kind of tell that and see it on the field. When I'm out on the field, I'm a lot more comfortable, and things go so much smoother when you know what to expect." Top Stories