Chicago Lineman likes Notre Dame

The 2006 recruiting class is one that Irish the Irish will be talking about for years to come because it will have a tremendous group of offensive line prospects. In order to improve on the 2006 group, the Irish staff will have to sign players like Miles Stroter of King high school (Chicago, Ill.)

Charlie Weis and his staff picked up a couple recruits from the Chicago area and they'll be back trying to add offensive line prospect Miles Stroter. As King head coach Lonnie Williams describes, the team that gets his player is getting more than a football player.

"Miles is a great football player," coach Williams said of Stroter. "First of all, he comes from a good family, so he's a good boy. He's a hard worker. He's a hell of a blocker, that's for sure. He opens holes for us. That's his job and that's what he does. He brings a lot of character to the program and a lot of stability. We're just pleased to have him here.

"Miles' big thing is that he comes off the ball so hard and he's so long, that he just comes off the ball and buries the guy across from him -- he just buries him. He's so quick off the ball. He's so big, he has heart and he is powerful..

"He's 6-5, 305-pounds," coach Williams said of Stroter. "We use him at offensive tackle. We really didn't use him on defensive line because we had a lot of seniors, but next year, we'll use him a lot at defensive tackle.

"Offensive line, that's where I see him. I think he's a tackle. Notre Dame has some big guys, so I don't know what they'd do, they could do either or. Most the coaches come in talking about tackle.

Coach Williams isn't the only one who thinks Stroter is good. There are a number of people around the state of Illinois that think Stroter was the best offensive lineman in the state as a junior.

"They say he is, we'll have to see about that," coach Williams commented on Stroter being mentioned as the best in the state at his position. "In time, if he comes through the program, and does the things I expect that he will, he won't be just the best in the state, but he'll be the best in the country. He's a great lineman now. I've got some more things that I've got to do with him, but he can be the best lineman in America.

"I do think he's the best lineman in the state of Illinois right now. If he's not the best, he's among the best and he's just a good kid."

With that type of talent just 90 miles from the Notre Dame campus, you better believe recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello already has a Stroter as a priority for the Irish in 2007.

"He was down there the other week," Williams said of Stroter's visit to a Notre Dame practice. "He likes Notre Dame a lot. He thinks Notre Dame is as great as apple pie right now. He really likes them. Everyone has class there and he was very impressed with everyone -- his father was as well.

"Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin. He's been to all of those schools I think along with Notre Dame. He's been to Michigan two or three times. I think they will be at the front of that line from what I hear from him now. He likes Notre Dame lot.

If the mail that comes in for Stroter on a daily basis is any indication of his talent then the college coaches certainly think Miles is one of the best players in the country.

"I've got a handful of mail right here," coach Williams said. "Florida State, Purdue, Georgia, LSU, Iowa, Auburn, Alabama Michigan Nebraska, mail from everywhere, every day. There'd probably be more but schools like Notre Dame scare people off. They come in and they stop coming.

"He's a good kid, He's the type of kid you bring into your home. He's a clean living kid. He's a good boy and a good football player. Top Stories