Venson a Name to Watch

Wide receiver Brandon Venson of Glenbard West High School is a player that Notre Dame will want to keep a close eye on. The Irish want to dominate recruiting in the Chicago area and a player like Venson is guy who can get it done on the field.

The Irish got a couple players from the Chicago area in the 2006 recruiting class and they'd like to keep the momentum going with players like Brandon Venson.

"Great kid, wonderful attitude, hard worker, he's a quality, quality individual," Glenbard West head coach John Karpowicz said of Venson." He's not only 2-year starter in football, but also a 2-year starter in basketball, so that's a lot of athletic ability.

"As a sophomore he caught 30 passes, this last year he caught 36 passes for us. He had five for scores. He's a big, strong kid, 6-3, 195, so he's a thick kid. He likes catching the ball over the middle. He's a pretty physical runner after he catches the ball.

"I think he has the hands and ability to play on the offensive side. Because of his size, he's probably going to be more of a slot side receiver or a maybe even project to a tight end if he gets taller. So he'd be one of those new-age tight ends that catches the ball like a wide receiver."

"We use him in a variety of positions on defense because he's just a very good athlete," Karpowicz said.

"He plays defensive back and he also played some linebacker and some defensive end. He's an outstanding athlete. Defensively, depending on how he fills out and on how he fills out he could be the type of kid that plays like Zbikowski.

"We've used him at corner against real good receivers. When we played against Sergio Brown he's the guy that has primary coverage on him. Against teams that didn't throw the ball as much we wanted him closer to the line of scrimmage. We kind of moved him around to suit our needs defensively.

"He's got big, square shoulders and he has a nice frame, and base where he cold put the weight on. He loves the weight room. He's a young kid that burns all his calories off.
Notre Dame has gotten of to a quick start with Brandon in terms of recruiting.

"Brandon's getting interest from Florida State and Notre Dame. The cream of the crop has found out about him," coach Karpowicz said. "I just spoke to coach Ianello yesterday. Bill Lewis was in during the fall so they've been on campus. Illinois knows about him, because they've been in here enough. We have a guy playing down there, so they know he's coming through. " Top Stories