Evege A Top Player

Wayne high school (Huber Heights, Ohio) has produced several top Division I prospects over the years and it looks like head coach Jay Minton has another in athlete Donnie Evege. Ohio State always has an advantage in their home state, but Notre Dame will always take their shots into the Buckeye State.

The state of Ohio always produces great high school players and Wayne high school is gaining a reputation for mega stars. In 2004 coach Minton sent Scout.com's No.11 ranked linebacker, Marcus Freeman, to Ohio State. Last year Minton sent Scout.com's No. 21 rated wide receiver to Purdue. How does coach Minton top that? Expect "Mr. Everything", Donnie Evege to be one of the most highly recruited athletes in Ohio in 2007.

"Donnie is extremely, extremely versatile," Wayne head coach Jay Minton said of his star player. "He plays defensive back, running back, receiver, he plays special teams, he plays everything. My offensive coach wanted a piece of him, the defensive coaches wanted a piece of him, and I ran the special teams and I definitely knew I was going to get a piece of him. He's just an extremely versatile player. Speed, quickness, work ethic, ability, he brings so much to the team – you name it and he brings it to the team."

"We're going to play him strictly offense next year," coach Minton explained. "Somebody is going to get a player, and wherever they put him he's going to have success. If I'm recruiting Donnie Evans, I'm recruiting an athlete. I'm recruiting a kid that has proven he can run a 4.3 forty. I was fortunate enough to coach in Florida for 16 years, so I was able to see a make-believe 4.3 forty and a real one. He's fast. He can flat out get it. I know I can put him in where it fits my system.

"Right now he's 5-11, 195. His goal is to get around 200. He wants to thicken up to become a running back. He wants to expand his versatility and be a go-to running back."

"He's a slasher," coach Minton said of Evege's running style. "He'll hit a hole quick. He'll make a cut and he goes. He's not a stutter-step type of guy, he makes a cut and he's gone. If he has the daylight, he's gone.

"On defense, I see as a cover corner guy. Donnie will be right with you. You make the move and he'll make it with you and close on the ball. When you ask him to man someone up, they aren't going to get open. He plays some pretty good man-to-man coverage. He's that kind of defensive back and what everyone looks for in a corner."

Minton said he's not certain at this point which position colleges will want Evege for.

"This next year we'll see what Notre Dame and Ohio State recruit him as," he said. "It will be interesting for me to see because he is so versatile. It'll be based more on their need. If I'm on their side of the track, I'm going to recruit him as an athlete. He doesn't favor either one right now."

Evege isn't a player that needs to make a name for himself. He already has the best teams in the Midwest knocking on his door.

"Ohio State, Miami (Ohio) and Purdue have already offered him," coach Minton said. "Notre Dame and Penn State also have done some really early work on him. He's getting mail from everyone in the country.

"He is going to visit Notre Dame for their junior day on January 14. He was invited up there and he's all excited about that.

"He's a real smart young man, and he has great grades. He's the complete package when you talk about a high school athlete. He'll make a smart decision and it won't just be based on who he's a fan of."

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