As Good as They Get

Wide receiver prospect Deonte Thompson of Glades Central high school (Belle Glade, Fla.) is a good bet to be one of the top players in the state during his senior campaign. Irish Eyes spoke with his head coach Willie Snead to find out why Thompson has so much promise.

Those outside the state of Florida might not recognize Glades Central high school, but those who follow Florida high school football certainly know that the school has produced as many top level Division I football players as any other school in the talent-rich state. Glades Central graduate and head coach Willie Snead has this Florida power well stocked with football talent.

"We have a very heavy junior class coming back. We have about 10 Division I juniors on our roster next season," Snead said of his players. "Deonte Thompson (6-1, 185-pounds) is certainly a consistent 4.2-forty guy. He is the total package. For us to have a guy like him back in our program next year, it's going to be exciting watching him polish his skills and continue to improve.

"The best way to put it, he's the fastest guy in the state as a junior," Snead said of Thompson. "He has tremendous speed and a tremendous upside. He has good size for a kid that is 16-17 years old. He's very mature, well-rounded, humble, and he works very hard. He's going to be an ideal catch for some college program."

"It's nice to have guys that have come from our high school that have been to big college programs and the NFL who come back home in the summer and work with these guys," Snead continued. "One guy in particular is a player Notre Dame will face in their bowl game against Ohio State, Santonio Holmes. Deonte is as good as Santonio was coming out of high school and that is saying a lot. We've had some great receivers come through, and he has the potential to be the best. He has all the tools to be the best. He understands that and he's willing to accept that challenge He wants to be the top receiver or the top player in the nation for the 2006 season. That's how hard he's working."

Notre Dame certainly could use some dynamic players at wide receiver, but the Irish coaching staff hasn't made the trip to Glades Central to speak with coach Snead about Thompson.

"I think all the other schools from the Midwest have been down here, Michigan and Ohio State," coach Snead said of the colleges recruiting Deonte. "We've seen just about everyone but the Irish. At this point we've seen a lot of mail from Notre Dame and they've asked for game tape, but they haven't stopped in."

Coach Snead reported Thompson's g.p.a. at 2.8. Top Stories