Irish Looking at Florida Junior Receiver

Chaminade-Madonna College Prep head coach Mark Guandolo isn't the type of man that is going to boast about his team or players. I assume he was often smiling as he walked down the sidelines for most of the 2005 season. The fact that Guandolo has a wealth of talent returning from his Florida Class 2A championship team probably means you will catch that same smile during the 2006 football season. It also means that he'll be fielding a lot of calls about his standout wide receiver Kamar Aiken.

Good players and good coaches win championships. Coach Guandolo believes he has as many as six juniors that will eventually find their way to Division I schools. One player that Notre Dame is taking particular interest in is Kamar Aiken.

"The offensive line coach has been down here," coach Guandolo said of Notre Dame's John Latina. "He visited a couple months ago. He talked to me about all of our upcoming juniors and we've sent tape to him.

"John and I have a little background from western PA. He's from New Castle and I'm from Beaver Falls. In fact we found out after talking that we played against each other in high school."

With Guandolo's Pennsylvania roots, you won't find his team throwing the football 50 times a game, but that doesn't prevent Aiken from standing out.

"Kamar Aiken is 6-3 195," coach Guandolo described of Aiken. "He has close to a 40-inch vertical jump. He's got all the tools. He played free safety and wide receiver for us. He did a great job for us playing both ways for us and he never left the field. He's been a receiver his whole life, but with that body and that jumping ability we thought he could really help us out at free safety, and he just got better and better each week out.

"He's a team guy and didn't complain about the ball not being thrown to him. He did a great job blocking. He runs extremely good routes. He catches everything with his hands and really goes up after the ball."

Although coach Guandolo was very happy with Aiken's productivity at safety, he believes Aiken's future will be on the offensive side of the ball.

"I think he's a receiver at the next level," coach Guandolo said of Aiken future position. "But he's a pretty good safety too. He had four interceptions. He's really physical being and he's a very good tackler."

An athlete like Aiken certainly won't stay a secret long as all the top schools will be descending on Chaminade's campus.

"All the Florida schools," coach Guandolo said of Aiken early recruiting interest. "Miami, Florida, and Florida State, everybody is recruiting him. Notre Dame certainly is aware of him." Top Stories