Junior Defensive End One of the Best in Texas

Defensive end Richetti Jones of Lincoln High School (Dallas, Texas) already had established himself as a top player as a sophomore. Now that he's finished his junior season he is going to be one of the most sought after players in the state of Texas.

If you're making a lot of plays as a sophomore playing football in Texas, you're a good one. Richetti Jones (6-3, 225 pounds) was dominant as a sophomore and his performance as a junior only increase his stock as one of the best players in Texas.

"Last year I had 25 sacks," Jones said of his sophomore year's productivity. "This year I only had 15 sacks and around 70 or 80 tackles. I also made all-state. I know it's a good accomplishment, but I want to get the all-state MVP for defense next year. Every time I accomplish something, I set another goal for myself. I want to be an All-American."

"I'm a great pass rusher," Jones replied when asked what made him a dominant player. "I think I'm one of the best pass rushers in the country. I haven't gone against a tackle all year that has shut me down. I went against the top two tackles in the state and I sacked their quarterback, Matt Stafford. It was the only time he was sacked all season."

As one would guess, if a player is named all-state as a junior, it won't take long for the college recruiters to find him.

"I get written letters from Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas and Oklahoma State," Jones said of the recruiting mail. "I've been getting letters from Notre Dame, but nothing written yet. Florida State, Miami, Auburn, Michigan, I get letters from basically everywhere."

Surprisingly Jones doesn't have a scholarship offer, but he does have an early list of schools that interest him.

"They are in my top ten," Richetti responded when asked if he was considering Notre Dame. "Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami, Michigan and Auburn are some others I like.

"I don't know too much, but I know about the movie Rudy," he commented about Notre Dame. "I started watching the football team when they had Willingham. That's when I really liked Notre Dame and I catch them on TV sometimes. I caught the game against USC. I thought they were going to win that game. They took them down to the wire. I thought they had it won."

Jones is very interested in the in-state schools, but he said that he wouldn't have a problem going to school out of state.

"It doesn't matter how far a school is," he said when asked if distance would factor into his decision. "I might want to get away from Texas because it would give me a chance to see other environments. I'll just have to see how the environment is."

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