Dunford's Dish

Irish Eyes correspondent John Dunford offers more thoughts on the top junior prospects at the Army combine held last Saturday.

Dunford's Dish: Cornerback Addison Williams
School/State: Union City, GA, Westlake High School

Camp Scoop: Williams's balance and form moving in and out of cuts is superb. He is wide-open when it comes to schools, but he does want to play for a good coaching staff. Additionally, Williams values education knows that he must choose a school not because of the coach because "coaches change," as he says. Thus, Williams wants to attend a school that will allow him the opportunity y to have excellent job security. Williams plans on majoring in sports administration in college.

Notre Dame Contact: Williams receives plenty of letters from Notre Dame and plans on attending one of Notre Dame's junior days in the near future. Also in Notre Dame's corner is that he is friends with, and goes to the same high school as, current Notre Dame commit Morrice Richardson. Williams may attend Notre Dame's summer camp.

Dunford's Take: Clocked at running 4.37 forty yard dash, Williams can run. He bursts out of breaks and keeps his body low and balanced as he meets receivers. Along with Donovan Warren, Williams was one of the top cornerbacks at the combine. Because Williams is familiar with Notre Dame through the recruitment of his ex-teammate Richardson, Notre Dame is one of the schools he is interested in. Georgia, one of the many schools that is interested in him has text messaged him, which is something Notre Dame has not done to this point. Although, admittedly, Williams doesn't have a penciled in favored saying, "I want to keep my options open.

Dunford's Dish: Running back Foswhitt Whittaker
State/School: Pearland, TX, Pearland High School

Combine Scoop: Whittaker is a lean runningback that is physically defined and has amazingly quick feet. He is shifty and moves with great balance and control.

Notre Dame's Contact: Whittaker receives letters from Notre Dame on a frequent basis and he is interested in visiting Notre Dame. Despite his interested, Whittaker's summer track schedule may not permit him to visit any schools over the summer or attend any camps.

Dunford's Take: Whittaker's only offer at this point is Oklahoma State. Other than OSU and Notre Dame, Whittaker also likes Miami, Texas, Florida State, and LSU. He is concerned about getting a good education and playing for a good football team. Interestingly enough, Whittaker wants to major in either engineering or archetecture in college, two of Notre Dame's best departments. If Whittaker visits over the summer and discovers how much he can advance his professional goals at Notre Dame, Irisheyes will have a better feel for how interested Whittaker is in attending Notre Dame.

Dunford's Dish: Running back Caleb King

State/School: Lilburn, Georgia, Parkview high school

Combine Scoop: King looked smooth, fast, and crisp running in cone drills. His stellar play continued in small-sides drills, where he eluded defensive backs and linebackers both running with the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield. His overall athletic ability didn't go unnoticed, for King was named Combine MVP. Last years combine MVP, Andre Smith, is a consensus national top ten player. King should also live up to the hype the award allots.

Notre Dame's Contact: King receivers letters from Notre Dame on a continual basis. He is interested in visiting schools in the North and schools out West in the summer. As of right now, King is unsure about whether or not one of his summer visits will be to Notre Dame.

Dunford's Take: King holds offers from Florida and Georgia. he lives in Georgia, and with the recent reamergence of Georgia football, particularly at UGA, King may be hard to get out of the Georgia. Despite this concern, King is adamant about what he is looking for in a school saying, "I'm looking for a school with great facilities, a great tradition, and a school that will allow me early playing time." Notre Dame meets King's requirements, but getting King to visit over the summer and/or take-in the Spring football game will go a long way in really knowing how much King is interested in Notre Dame.

Dunford's Dish: Defensive End Sidell Corley
State/School: Mobile, AL, McGill Toolen

Combine Scoop: Corley is lean 251 pounds and measures almost 6-4 in height. Adding to his shear physical talent, is the fact that he runs a 4.8 forty yard dash. While working in various combine drills, Corley looked impressive, demonstrating great agility for a man player his size.

Notre Dame's Contact: Notre Dame hasn't visited Corley yet, but he receives letters regularly. Corley has already released his transcripts to Notre Dame for review, thus the prospect of an offer may come soon. Corley's father is also his coach and, being that he is from Chicago and loves the Chicagoland area, Mr. Corley plans to take his son to Notre Dame over the summer months.

Dunford's Take: Corley appears to be an ND kid. He is well-mannered, a hard worker, polite, and mature. Additionally, also working in Notre Dame's favor is Corley's father, who was born in Chicago, is planning to move back to Chicago when his son goes to college, and likes Notre Dame immensely. Currently Corley has offers from Louisville, Memphis, and Mississippi State, but Corley lists Notre Dame, along with Florida, Alabama, and Auburn as his favorites. Despite living in the South, Notre Dame's chances with Corley are great because he and his father are not shy about the possibility of moving to the Midwest.

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