Oregon Junior Visits Notre Dame

Notre Dame hasn't had much luck landing their top defensive tackle prospects in this class, so it will be imperative that the Irish staff land top player at the position next season. Myles Wade of Benson Polytechnic high school (Portland, Ore.) looks like he could be one of the best in the class of 2007. Irish Eyes spoke with his head coach, Doug Bilodeau, to find out what makes Wade such a dominant player.

The Irish will be thin along the interior next season without any of their top defensive tackle prospects for the 2006 recruiting class. It's difficult for freshman to jump in and contribute early, but that's exactly what they will need from a Myles Wade (6-2, 300-pound). His head coach thinks he's the type of player that could.

"He's a beast," said coach Doug Bilodeau about his standout player. "He's played a little offensive tackle for us. He played fullback for us, and he plays defensive tackle and defensive end. That can be in one game. He's got good lateral skills and he's pretty quick. He's got a 4.9 forty.

"I see him in college at the defensive line," coach Bilodeau replied when asked what position he thought Wade would play in college. "He's a heck of an offensive lineman also, he did great things for us on the line, but I think you'll see him as a defensive player.

There are a few qualities that elite players have that separate them from average players. According to his head coach, Wade has it all.

"The first thing is that he's getting better and better," coach Bilodeau answered. "I didn't see one game where he had a turning point where it all came together for him. He's always progressed. The thing is he is football savvy. He understands what is happening. He sees the forest in spite of the trees.

"His determination. He's a competitor," coach Bilodeau continued. "He sees where he is now and he's not looking past where he is. He's going to combines to get better He's being looked at by a lot of colleges but he's humble. He doesn't go around throwing it kids faces, he just goes about is business. He's a very humble kid.

"He's a team captain that was elected by his players," coach Bilodeau said. "He's a no-brainer, he's got a great work ethic.

"He dead lifted 500. He benched 395 and he squatted 500 pounds. He doesn't go into the weight room and mess around. He hits the weights. He's a good kid in class.

With that type of talent a player is going to get a bunch of recruiting attention and Wade is getting recruited by everyone.

"Notre Dame, he's there as we speak," coach Bilodeau said of Wade's visit for Notre Dame's junior day.

"Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, Cal. Name a state and I'll give you a school that is recruiting him. He's definitely a blue chip kid.

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