Pennslyvania Lineman Has Great Bloodlines

When you want to find a good hard-nosed football player that plays with a nasty streak, the best spot to find him is in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania kids take pride in that image and wear the badge of honor long after their playing days are over. Central Catholic high school (Pittsburgh, Pa.) head coach Terry Totten produces these kids every year, but Stefen Wisniewski brings a little more grit to the battle than most.

Coach Totten seems like a guy that would sit in the film room all day watching tape of his lineman. He seems like a coach that takes special pride in watching Stefen Wisniewski (6-3.5, 280 pounds) throw opposing players around the field.

"He sure does," coach Totten responded when asked if Wisniewski had a nasty streak in his play. "He takes you to the ground. He finishes plays. He finishes almost every play on top of a defensive player. He's coming into his own. He was young as a sophomore, and this year he took it upon himself to become a great finisher. He's got a highlight tape of him knocking around a lot of Division I recruits."

"He's got tremendous hands and tremendous punch," Totten continued. "He's been working with his father for a long time. He's just got a tremendous punch off the ball on either side, and he's very quick in an area. He's a weight room kid."

Once coach Totten mentioned that Stefen worked with his father, things started to click and I started to get a better understanding of Stefen's make-up.

"Leo, his father, played at Penn State and for the Baltimore Colts," Totten said. "Steve is his uncle. He's very young, he just turned 16 years old. He's a 5.0 student.

"He's been offered by a couple colleges already and he's go to be one of the top 50 prospects in the nation. Pitt and Penn State have offered him, and he gets letters from everywhere."

Notre Dame generally has some success recruiting Pennsylvania, but getting Stefen to out of the Keystone state will be very difficult. There is a glimmer of hope though.

"He went to Notre Dame for their junior day," coach Totten said. "They (Notre Dame coaches) were in during the fall. They couldn't talk to him, but they loved him. They thought he moved well and thought his film looked great."

With the talent that Stefen has in addition to his ability, other than his college destination, the only question is where on the offensive will he play.

"He could play any of them," coach Totten said of Stefen's flexibility to play anywhere along the offensive line. "He could play on either side is my opinion. He's a tremendous student, with a long line of football players in his family." Top Stories