Irish Looking at Missouri Junior

The Irish were had success recruiting the state of Missouri for the 2006 class. If you have success, why not keep doing what works? When the Notre Dame staff goes back to Missouri for 2007, junior Tyler Kiel of Lindbergh high school (St. Louis, Mo.) is a prospect they might target.

Traditionally Notre Dame hasn't had a lot of football players from the state of Missouri, but now it seems like there is a flood of guys from the Show-Me State. D.J. Hord came in a year ago. Munir Prince and Paddy Mullen will sign with the Irish on February 1. Some might even consider James Aldridge a Missouri kid. And according to Lindbergh head coach Tom Beauchamp the Irish are taking a look at Tyler Kiel (6-5, 215 pounds).

"They know about him," responded coach Beauchamp when asked if Notre Dame had been in contact with him regarding Kiel. "We haven't sat down and had a long talk about him, but I sent them tape on Tyler so they should get a look at it and let us know what they're thinking."

"He's got good grades. He's a heck of an athlete," Beauchamp said of Kyle. "He started on the basketball team when he was a freshman. He played middle linebacker and tight end for us this year. He's just got a lot of athletic ability."

Coach Beauchamp has seen a number of his players work themselves onto the rosters of big-time Division I programs. Based on his background and familiarity with Kiel he thinks Tyler will make his mark on the offensive side of the ball in college.

"I look at him at tight end," coach Beauchamp speculated. "I think when you see him out on the field he moves like a split end. He moves his feet and gets around out in patterns. He's got real good hands. If he gets the ball he'll be tough to bring down. I think he prides himself on being tough and physical. I think he likes the idea of coming down and getting a shot on those linebackers, so he's got that mentality to come down and clean somebody out. At tight end you have to have a guy that has a ‘get-after-it' mentality and he has that.

"We didn't throw to the tight end that much this year because we had some quality wide receivers, so we wanted to utilize them. We also had a great running quarterback. So we didn't really utilize him (Kiel). He probably only had eight or ten catches on the year. He's probably a guy we should get more into the game, but he also plays defense."

With the size Kiel has and the physical nature of his play, it is very possible Tyler could have college's recruiting him for defense.

"He could come off the corner at defensive end," coach Beauchamp said of Kiel's versatility. "He's very quick. He plays middle linebacker for us. He's tough, hard-nosed, and aggressive. Our defense is based on a middle linebacker that is aggressive. We stunt him; we do a lot of different things with him and he has a lot of responsibilities for checking the defense.

"He's a leadership by example guy. He works hard and other kids see that. Like I said, he prides himself on being tough and physical and a lot of kids notice that."

It is early in the recruiting process for juniors, but with the amount of interest Kiel is seeing it's likely that he will get his choice of top schools.

"He's getting mail from everywhere," coach Beauchamp responded when asked which schools were recruiting Kiel. "I get all the Big Ten, the Big 12. Once May gets here, once they (college recruiters) come in and talk to kids, we'll find out a lot more."

The obvious question for Irish fans is whether Kiel would be interested in taking a look at the Irish?

"Oh yeah, absolutely," Beauchamp responded. "He wants to go to a school that has some prestige. He's getting mail from them, in fact he just got some."

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