Athlete Michael Bush is getting a lot of attention

<P>Nobody is quite sure where Louisville Male athlete Michael Bush will play in college or which sport he is going to choose to play. Michael is being recruited for both football and basketball and is considered one of the best players in Kentucky this year. </P>

Michael Bush stands 6-3 and weighs 225 pounds. He has made it very clear to all coaches involved. "I want to play both sports in college. I really like both football and basketball and the schools I am interested in have all said that I can play both."

Not only are they not sure which is his best sport, they don't know what position he will play in college. "A lot of schools have been telling me quarterback. I think they were kind of confused but a lot of schools saw what I can do this spring at quarterback and they are recruiting me to play there."

The confusion comes from Bush playing all kinds of postions in his career. Last year, he was mainly used as a wide receiver catching 60 balls for 1090 yards and 24 tds and also rushing for 8 tds.

So far, Ohio State, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, Wake Forrest and Oklahoma have all offered Bush. "I think more are coming soon. A lot of schools have been talking to me about offering."

Bush said that he will likely stay close to home. "My father is not one to fly. He just doesn't like it. I will likely stay close to home, at least a place my family could drive to."

Michael did talk about what was important to him. "Academics are going to be important. I want to get a good education. The school will have to be decent in both football and basketball. I hope they have nice facilities to train as well."

Michael said he will likely narrow it down soon. "I haven't really thought much about it. I am going to wait and see who offers me before I narrow it down. I think more offers will come so I can choose from a lot of different schools."

Comments: Bush has a 2.5 g.p.a. and is set to take the test on June 8th. He is a real nice kid and I think he would fit in well at Notre Dame. His test will be important but I am going to guess that Notre Dame will likely not be in this in the end. I am hoping I am wrong. Top Stories