Paskorz High on Irish

College coaches aren't sure where junior Steve Paskorz of Hampton high school (Allison Park, Pa.) will play, but they certainly know he's a talented athlete. The Top 100 athlete was one of a select group of athletes invited to Notre Dame's junior day, and Irish eyes spoke with Steve about his interest in the Irish.

Both Pitt and Penn State have had outstanding recruiting years, which means that most of the Pennsylvania talent stayed in state. If the trend continues, schools like Notre Dame will find it difficult to lure players like Steve Paskorz (6-2, 215 pounda) away. Nonetheless, Paskorz recently made a trip to South Bend for a Notre Dame junior day.

"I was there for the junior day, it was my first trip to Notre Dame," Paskorz said of his visit to South Bend. "I really enjoy the place. I like the campus. I like the way the coaches treat me. I like the tradition. The way they talk about the academics really impressed me too. As of now Notre Dame is up toward the top of my recruiting list."

When you watch film of Paskorz his athletic ability jumps out at you. The question remaining is which position he will play in college.

"That I really don't know," Paskorz said when asked what position Notre Dame was recruiting him to play. "I play running back, but I don't know if I would be a tailback, fullback, or split out. A lot of colleges are looking at me as an H-back.

"When I went to the junior day, I went with the linebackers, although I'm not that sure that I'm going to be playing that position. I think Notre Dame is recruiting more as an offensive player rather than defense. Just in case they recruit me for defense, I went in as a linebacker. I do believe that they will be recruiting me for offense though.

"Recently I went up to Michigan for a junior day and they offered. They said they'd play me at H-back. Of the other schools that have offered, Virginia said I'd play linebacker, Pitt and West Virginia haven't said where I'd be playing. Penn State is still in the mix and Notre Dame is way up toward the top."

There are a number of players each year that are in Steve's position of being recruited on both sides of the ball. While the player is always willing to play offense or defense, they almost always have prefer one side of the ball.

"Nothing can surpass the feeling of scoring a touchdown. If it comes down to it, I can play defense, but I prefer offense," Paskorz said.

Paskorz worked his way through an ankle injury during his junior campaign to rush for 1,296 yards on 160 carries and 14 touchdowns. During his sophomore season he complied 2,188 yards on 188 carries and 27 touchdowns. Top Stories