Wisconsin Junior Receiver One to Watch

When you're looking for top wide receivers, you generally don't think to look in Wisconsin, but Middleton high school (Wis.) head coach Tim Simon believes that he has a special player in Nick Toon. Irish Eyes spoke with coach Simon to get his thoughts on his standout receiver.

It is difficult to hear the name Toon without immediately thinking of a wide receiver in a New Jet uniform dominating NFL defensive backs through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Don't look now but Al's son, Nick (6-2, 185 pounds), is emerging as a playmaker for Middleton high school and he could be one of the top wide receivers in the Midwest.

"He's a pretty exciting player and he's extremely athletic." coach Simion said of Nick Toon. "He played the flanker spot for us this year and we gave him a few carries. We're going to be moving him around a lot next year because we don't want teams keying on him at one spot. He's talented enough that he can play a lot of different positions in our offense. But he's exciting; every time he touches the ball something good happens.

"He'll run through you with a stiff-arm, he'll make a move and run around you. I don't know if we've had a junior wide receiver that blocks as well as he did. He stalk blocks very well, but we're also not afraid to bring him down to double-team a defensive end, or come down on a strong safety or a linebacker.

"He's got great speed," coach Simon described. "He runs well, he jumps well. He's very graceful. His hands are unbelievable. Watching some of the film on Saturday you kind of scratch your head because on Friday night you didn't realize the catch was as athletic as it was until you see it on film the next day.

"Receiving he had 26 receptions for 425 yards and five touchdowns. He had four rushes for 57 yards and 15 returns for 345 yards. That's 45 touches for 827 yards, which is about 18.5 yards per touch.

Toon not only has the physical tools to make it to the next level, but he has the mental maturity that coaches love to have on the sideline.

"He's an extremely coach-able kids," coach Simon continued. "He's just one of those great kids. He's a great kid in class, he loves all the teachers, he gets along with all the kids, he's a great kid to coach and he's extremely coach-able. He's one of those guys that it's a pleasure to have him play for you.

Coach Simon confirmed that Nick had just visited Notre Dame for the January 14 junior day. He wasn't at liberty to discuss the colleges that were recruiting Nick, but he did say that a lot of big schools, including the Big Ten had interest in Toon.

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