Allen Trying to Stay Focused

Notre Dame had a number of players step up and make big plays this past season. Now the Irish need to add playmakers to the football squad. A name to remember is Armando Allen (5-10, 195 pounds) out of Miami Lakes high school (Hialeah, Fla.)

Armando Allen (5-10, 195 pounds) isn't a player that a lot of recruiting fans have heard of up until now, but Allen is player that will be listed among the best in the nation. Allen was recently named as one of's Top 100 juniors in the nation after his performance at the U.S. Army junior combine in San Antonio.

"It was a nice experience to be with some of the top players that are going to be seniors next year," Jones said of his weekend in San Antonio. "I think I did good, but I always think I can do better than I did. Other people will say that I did great, but I can always do better than I did. That kind of motivates me to keep going. My forty time I think I could have done better 4.38.

"I do think I can compete with the best guys in the country. I trained pretty hard it. You have certain top guys from different states, and I think I fit in with that group. I do think I stood above a lot of people, so I really think I belong at that camp. I really enjoyed being with some of the best high school players in the nation.

Allen enjoyed competing against the best players in the country, and he certainly solidified his position as one of the top players when he was named to the all-combine team.

"I'm interested in everything right now," Allen replied when asked if he had interest in being recruited by Notre Dame. "I don't have a certain school that I'm only thinking about. I'm open as far as education, and sports so I'm open to all schools. If they were to come down to talk to me, of course I'd take an interest in Notre Dame.

"I haven't talked to any colleges, although they probably called my coach. In fact I do know Notre Dame asked for my transcripts. I haven't really looked in to them yet, but I think I have to start looking into it.

"I'm pretty sure they have sent mail, but I'd have to check in my coach's office. It's really something that I try to stay away from and I try to stay focused on school. When my time comes to make that decision, I'll speak with my parent and make a decision.

When Allen does make a decision, the lucky college coach will get a player that is similar to Armando's favorite NFL athlete.

"My favorite team growing up was the (St. Louis) Rams, because of Marshall Faulk," Allen said. "For some reason I liked his style of running. I like his style and his technique. When I'd watch him, I'd see a lot of passes thrown to him, so he wasn't always running the ball, and he could also catch. That's one thing that I can do, so I started to like him.

Last season Allen had 110 rushing attempts for 1,200 rushing yards. Top Stories