Fighting Irish Insider Talks Summer Plans

<P>With some key injuries to some of the top recruits reporting in August, I thought I would find out how they were progressing and what their summer plans are. I talked to Derek Landri and Jamie Ryan to get an update on their condition and idea of what they plan to do this summer.</P>

I talked to Derek Landri yesterday. He said he has had his cast removed. The pins have been taken out and he is now in a walking boot. "I go back to the doctor in two weeks and we will see what happens from there. I should get cleared to do some running and jumping by then."

Derek also said that the doctors expect him to be fully healed and ready to play by August. "I hope I can start lifting with my legs again by July." Derek said he was very excited about coming to Notre Dame. "I plan on being there for football camp. I have a friend that is going. I am just going to go up for a week and talk to the coaches and lift a little bit. Sounds like Derek should be ready to go.

I also talked to OG prospect Jamie Ryan. Many will remember that Jamie's senior season was cut short because of a blood clot that put him in the hospital. I asked Jamie how that is going. Jamie stated that he has a doctors appointment in July and he would know more then. He did say he has not been cleared by his doctor to play football yet but is very hopeful that he will be after this appointment.

Jamie is optimistic that he will be cleared to play. "I was going to report early with some of my teammates but I will probably wait and get this out of the way. It has been going good though. I have been lifting very hard. I just need to go to this last appointment and hopefully I will be cleared."

Jamie said he has been on blood thinners and has been progressing. You could tell Jamie is frustrated over the whole situation and I can't blame him. He is very excited to come to Notre Dame. I hope everything turns out fine in July because his highlight film was very impressive. Top Stories