The Latest on Some Top Recruits

<P>Fighting Irish Insider also talked to some of the top players reporting in August. Inside is the latest news on Maurice Stovall, Nate Schiccatano and Chris Olsen with a few gems of brother Greg Olsen. </P>

I took some time to call some of the top players reporting in August. Please note these are not all the top players. They are all top players but these are some that I actually got in touch with. I will be checking in on the others very soon as well.

Maurice Stovall excited all Notre Dame fans with his commitment to the Fighting Irish. I got Mo out of bed this morning and a half-asleep Mo had this to tell me. "I think I am going to wait to report to Notre Dame in August. I was going earlier but I have the Big 33 game July 21st so I can't really report to Notre Dame until that is over with."

Mo said he has been following his workouts religiously and is very excited about coming to Notre Dame. "I am just excited to move on. I graduate on Friday so my parents are very excited about that. I suppose I am as well but I just want to move on to the next phase of my life. I hope I can come in and compete right away."

Mo did say that he wished he could join some of his teammates and work out early. He just felt honored to be picked to play in the Big 33 so he felt he should play in it.

I talked to Chris Olsen Sr. today. The father of Chris Olsen, the QB who has recently been pushed into a pressure situation I believe. "Chris is ready to go. He has never been in better shape in his life. His knee is 100% healthy and he said it feels very strong. He knows that he has an opportunity now and he is preparing himself for that opportunity. I tell all my players who are #2 or #3 on the depth chart that they are all a sprained finger away from playing. You are only given so many opportunities and you better be ready to make the most of that opportunity."

Chris Sr. also said Chris Jr. has been preparing for this. "We get out of school on June 25th and Chris is leaving the next day for Notre Dame. He will be there the rest of the summer to work out with the team. He has been working with Phil Simms a little as well.

Chris Sr. did say he was real glad May evaluations were over with. That is because every college under the sun has been by the highschool to see his other son Greg Olsen. "We had everybody stop by. Greg is getting close to narrowing it down to 8-10 schools. I know that Notre Dame will be one and Tennessee will likely be one. We leave next weekend for Tennessee to go check that out. We might go see a few schools over the summer but Greg has pretty much seen all the schools he is interested in.

Publisher's note. I know some are worried about this. Chris Sr. hasn't told me anything that leads me to believe this but I am going to guess that he will be attending Notre Dame. I feel very good about this. I have since last year and if you read my comments last year on this, you know why I feel good.

I also talked to RB Nate Schiccatano. A lot of things have been said about Nate and some of them have been unfair. I do know this, this kid is always a joy to talk to. He has every reason to fear the press but he always answers every question and is just a classy kid. He is always positive and very happy to talk to you.

Nate said he plans to leave for Notre Dame right after the 4th of July. "I am leaving right after the 4th to go work out with the team. I know Chris Olsen is going to report early and I think Rhema McKnight is also coming up early. Anthony Fasano, Jamie Ryan and I all drove up to the spring game together. We had a blast. We met Chris Olsen and his brother Greg and also hung out with Brian Mattes, Dan Santucci, Jeff Jenkins and Marcus Freeman."

Nate said that Olsen, Fasano, Ryan, Mattes and He plan to go to Ocean City in a couple of weeks to hang out together as well. "It's been great. Some of us that are closer have been getting together and hanging out. It has been a lot of fun getting to know my new teammates. I am just excited to start working out with the team and my teammates.

I will have some more updates on the others very soon. Top Stories