Schwartz Getting a lot of Looks

There are a lot of talented offensive linemen in the Midwest, so if Notre Dame is going to travel to the West Coast to recruit one, you can be sure the lineman is very good. Mitchell Schwartz of Palisades High School (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) is hearing from the Notre Dame staff and Irish Eyes spoke with him about recruiting.

The U.S. Army junior combine provided an opportunity for the best high schools players from around the country to test themselves against top competition. Mitchell Schwartz (6-5 295) is one of the top junior lineman in California and he was in San Antonio mixing it up.

"I think I did pretty good," Schwartz said of his performance at the combine. "There were a couple players I could have done better on, but overall I think I did well.

"I learned to stay lower. Learned not to get extended and leaning over. Don't over compensate. It's kind of a muscle memory thing, where you need to keep working on it so you don't think about it and it just happens.

"I play tackle in high school, but I can be either a tackle or guard," Schwartz said when asked what position he would play in college. "I probably prefer tackle because I'm use to it, but with coaching I could get used to guard. Wherever there's a chance to play.

"I think I have the knowledge and intelligence to play. I can see things on the field that maybe other guys wouldn't. I'm probably a better pass blocker, but next year we're going to more of a running game, so I'll have a chance to get that down. In some ways I like pass blocking more, and in other ways I like run blocking. Both are fun for me."

Schwartz sounds like the type of lineman Charlie Weis likes, and Schwartz likes a number of things Notre Dame offers.

"The tradition," he said when asked what he knew about Notre Dame. "It's a widely known school. I've seen pictures of the campus and it seems nice. Coach Weis is a great coach.

"I know they have a downfield passing attack, but they also run screens. They mix it up and can run the ball. I don't know as much about the school, but I know it's a good academic schools.

"They've sent letters and stuff, I think they came to school within the last few months," he replied when asked if the Irish were recruiting him.

Besides Notre Dame Mitchell is receiving recruiting attention from Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, Boston College, Arizona, Stanford and Miami.

He has grown up in Los Angles so it is interesting that he is receiving interest from schools around the country.

"It's pretty exciting that my name is known around the country for being one of the better players," he said of the attention he is receiving. "My brother plays for Oregon (Jeff Schwartz), he's an offensive lineman. On some of his trips I went with him to some of the schools so they got an early look at me.

"They (Oregon) have a slight advantage because I know the coaches, and I know how everything works up there. I still want to take visits to other schools and see what they're like, meet the coaches and see what they're like and talk to them and see how fit in with the school. I'm completely wide open now. Whatever school is best for me, I'm going to do.

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