Wilson Loading Up on Offers

Being able to name the top offensive linemen for the 2007 recruiting class this early in the year is difficult, but if a quality list of offers is any indication, then James Wilson of Nease high school (St Augustine, FL) is certainly up towards the top.

Notre Dame had success recruiting offensive lineman from Florida in the class they signed February 1, when the Irish inked Dan Wenger and Sam Young. The Notre Dame staff hopes to repeat that success as James Wilson (6-5, 306 pounds) looks to be one of the top linemen in the Southeast.

"Yes Sir, I've gotten messages, and I've gotten mail too," Wilson replied when asked if Notre Dame had been recruiting him. "They've been mailing stuff since the middle of the (past) season. I actually got my first text message from coach Weis this morning. I got the text message from coach Latina last Friday.

"I didn't know much at all," James said when asked about his knowledge of Notre Dame prior to receiving the recruiting attention. "I started looking at them when I knew that they'd be interested. I started to look in-depth at the coaches and how coach Weis turned it around. Just watching what he had to overcome up there, he did an amazing job."

Wilson has already received offers from Florida, Alabama, Southern Cal, UCLA, Michigan, Maryland, UCF, Georgia Tech, and Hawaii. Although Notre Dame has yet to send James a scholarship offer, he is still intrigued by them.

"It's very high," he responded when asked what his level of interest he had in Notre Dame. "It's a great program with a lot of tradition."

There are good high school lineman and very good lineman. Wilson believes his strength is his mobility.

"My ability to pull and to get out on screens," Wilson said when asked what his strength was. "To get the corners really fast and really quickly, and my ability to run and get out to those little guys. They're not expecting me to get out there that quick."

James has also developed strong leadership skills that he learned from his former teammate.

"Tim Tebow was a great leader," he said. "He passed on a lot of great leadership skills to me. He'd pull me aside he helped me a lot to just take charge. Let people know when they're doing something wrong, and try to help them correct it."

Pulling quality players out of Florida isn't easy for any out of state school. Urging Wilson to make the jump might be even more difficult due to the fact that Tebow ended up with the Florida Gators.

"It's up there," Wilson answered when asked if Tebow's presence in Gainesville would sway his decision. "But in the end it comes down to what's best for me. What's best for Timmy may not be best for me. If I go anywhere and if I like it I'll make the decision. Wherever I get the best education and where I feel comfortable. If it's the Gators it's the Gators. If it somewhere else, then it's somewhere else."

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