DeMartinis Looking at Notre Dame

Junior offensive tackle Sam DeMartinis of Notre Dame high school (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) is going to be one of the top offensive linemen in California. Notre Dame knows about him, and he's interested in hearing more from the Irish staff.

Notre Dame signed one of the top offensive line classes in the country with the group they brought in with the 2006 recruiting class. That means that they have the luxury of targeting the top offensive lineman in the country. Sam DeMartinis (6-6 270 pounds) appears to be one of those players.

"Definitely yeah," DeMartinis responded when asked if he had interest in Notre Dame. "Last year the coaches stopped by when they were recruiting our kicker (Kai Forbath). I shook their hand and said hello.

"I didn't really look into them until last year. I always knew they had a really good team and that they've had really good layers come out of there, but last was the first year that I've taken a look at them."

Now that Notre Dame is recruiting him, what does Sam like about the Irish?

"Every year they've had a great team and they're one of the top teams in the nation," DeMartinis replied. "They've produced some of the best offensive lineman. As a group, their offensive line functions really well together, and it's one of the best in the country every year.

"Six or seven years ago I went to Chicago and then made a trip to South Bend and visited the campus," he continued. "I really liked the campus. We saw the stadium; the stadium gets sold out every game, of every year, so it would be nice playing in front of a packed crowd every game."

Other than Notre Dame, Ole Miss (offer), Nebraska, Florida State and Washington have been recruiting Sam the hardest.

"It kind of dropped the past two weeks," DeMartinis said of the recruiting frenzy. "It's picking back up, and I'm getting more letters since signing day. It's been picking up and I think it's been going along pretty good. Right now I'm open to anything."

While the college coaches were busy finishing off their recruiting classes, DeMartinis was in San Antonio competing in the U.S. Army junior combine.

"I thought I did good," Sam said of his performance at the combine. "I started out slow. I think on Sunday, during the one-on ones, I did real good. I probably won most of them (reps). I won the last six that I did.

"There were players from every part of the country and it's always good to compare yourself with the best in the country. I thought it was good. I'm always willing to pick up new points and the coaches that we had, just told me to stick to the basics, I really liked it." Top Stories