Texas Running Back Hearing From Top Schools

If you're looking for great high school running backs, Texas is going to be one of the first places you're going check out. Bradley Stephens of McAllen Memorial high school (Texas) is one of the best in the state and he has colleges from around the country recruiting him.

Bradley Stephens (5-10 190-pounds) has a wealth of talent and there isn't a college in the country that doesn't know that. Now that schools have signed their 2006 recruits, they have turned their attention to the class of 2007.

"I'm hearing a lot from the Big Ten and Big XII schools," Stephens said when asked which schools were recruiting him. "A lot of the Big Ten schools because I have a lot of ties to the Midwest. I lived in the Chicago area until I was nine and then moved down here. I'm hearing from the Big XII obviously because I live in Texas now.

"I've been receiving a lot of letters from the majority of the teams in those conferences I'm also hearing a lot from the SEC. I'm hearing from schools from all the conferences, but mostly the Big Ten and the Big XII. Of course, I've been hearing from Notre Dame and schools like that."

Being a highly recruited high school football player has positives and negatives, but Stephens understands that this is a special time in his life.

"Our local newspaper did a photo shoot, we were able to fill up two lockers with all the letters and we spread them all over the floor," he explained of piles of recruiting mail he receives. "Growing up I watched the high school recruits with boxes and boxes of letters and I hoped one day that I'd get that. It's weird because now it's happening. It's cool living the high school recruiting thing, it's a lot of fun. It's great to receive letters from colleges, and it's great to go through the excitement of being recruited. It's a once in a lifetime thing so you really have to enjoy it while it's here.

"It's really hard to keep in contact with all the coaches. Track season is starting up already, so it's real hard to make contacts with all the coaches. That's something you really have to make an effort to do, especially since they are starting to concentrate on this class."

The Irish will likely bring in two running backs with the 2007 recruiting class and Notre Dame is one of the schools Stephens would like to stay in touch with.

"Not through phone," Stephens responded when asked if he had spoken to the Notre Dame staff. "We've kept in contact with coach Weis through text messaging. He'd wish me good luck on games and stuff. That's one of the schools I have to try to get in contact with because I'm very interested in schools like that.

"Charlie Weis actually went to Notre Dame, that right there makes Notre Dame very appealing. Charlie Weis is the type of coach that players just go to the school to play for a coach like him; the type of coach that you know he's going to get a program up and running right away.

"When I was younger," Stephens continued. "They were one of those teams I thought could never lose, and that's the type of mentality that Notre Dame has had over the years. With a guy like Charlie Weis there you know that they're going to be successful."

Stephens has early offers from Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Houston and Iowa State. Expect his offer list to expand as several schools have continued to recruit him heavily.

"All the schools that have offered me," Stephens responded when asked which schools he was hearing from most often. "All the schools in Texas, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan. I've also received a lot of letters from Iowa and Wisconsin. I'm receiving a lot of letters from around the country."

Stephens rushed for 2,638 yards on 244 carries. He had 200 receiving yards and 39 touchdowns combined. He reported his forty time at 4.41.

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