Irish Coaches are Cool

After signing Demetrius Jones out of Morgan Park high school on February 1, the Irish coaches will head right back to the Chicago Public league for a 2007 prospect. Offensive lineman Miles Stroter of King high school (Chicago, Ill.) is attracting attention from all over the country, but the Irish have jumped out to an early lead.

If Miles Stroter (6-5, 305 pounds) was ever a secret, the secret is out. The big offensive lineman from Chicago is starting to hear from some of the top programs from around the country.

"Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Miami, USC and most of the Big Ten schools," Stroter replied when asked to list the schools that were recruiting him. "Every week a new school gets in contact with me. Ohio State just got in contact with me last week and invited me down to their junior day. I went and it was nice.

"It's wide open. I haven't narrowed my choices yet and I'm still looking, but I really like Notre Dame out of them all."

Growing up right down the road people would assume that Stroter grew up an Irish fan, but that isn't the case.

"It kind of evolved this year because I was choosing which camps I was going to attend and I didn't know anything about Notre Dame other than it was a good school," Stroter explained of his interest in Notre Dame. "I think it started when I got a letter or questioner from them, then I went to the Michigan State game.

"The Michigan State game was my first trip to Notre Dame. We went into the locker room after the game. I really like their facilities and I really liked the coaches. That's one of the best aspects about Notre Dame, their coaches are so cool.

"I went to one of their practices for the Fiesta bowl and I met coach Weis Coach. He's really cool. The conditioning coach is my favorite, coach Mendoza. I really liked Coach Latina too."

Getting one of the top offensive linemen in the Midwest twice during his junior year is a great start, but Stroter wasn't done.

"I also went to a junior day," Miles said of the January 14 junior day. "The facilities were fantastic. The Gug, that place was incredible. It was a good experience. I met Myles Wade and Dale Martin. The coaches talked about a lot stuff that I had already heard, but for most of those guys it was their first time being there."

Graduating from high school early and then enrolling in college for the spring semester has become popular with recruits. Stroter isn't certain he will follow that route, but he recently explored his options.

"Me and my dad were just discussing that with my counselor," Stroter said of graduating early. "I have enough credits to graduate early. I could take one class and graduate this summer or graduate the first semester of my senior year, but we haven't decided what I'm going to do."

Last week Miles received his first scholarship offer from the University of Illinois. Top Stories