Pittsburgh Safety Ryan Mundy has a ton of offers

<P>With the lack of safety depth at Notre Dame, I thought it would be wise to start calling some of these guys. Woodland Hills safety Ryan Mundy is one of the top safeties Notre Dame is recruiting.</P>

Ryan Mundy is 6-1 200 pounds and runs a legit 4.5. He plays both wide receiver and safety in high school but most schools are recruiting him at safety. "I like offense but I have played defensive back for a long time. More than likely, I will be a safety in college. Some schools are telling me they are recruiting me to play corner and I am open to that but I think I will be a safety.

Mundy has quite a few offers so far. "Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Syracuse, West Virginia, North Carolina State, Marylan, Georgia Tech, Florida, Iowa, Toledo, North Western and Ohio State have offered. Notre Dame is going to offer very soon as well." Ryan doesn't plan to attend any camps right now or go to any schools to visit over the summer.

I asked Ryan who his leaders were at this point. "Pretty much anyone who has offered. Michigan, Pitt, Marlyan, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech and Penn State would be the top schools. I am open to anyone who offers me so that list probably will change."

I asked Ryan if distance was a factor and what was important to him in choosing a school. "It would be nice to stay closer to home but I won't let that limit me at all. If I find the right school and it's further away, I will go to that school. Important factors, I would say education first. They I am looking for early playing time."

Ryan has been enjoying the process so far. "I am having fun with this. My parents are really enjoying it. It's fun talking to coaches. I know right away which guys I am going to click with. I like the guys you get an overall good feeling about and they usually have a positive attitude." Mundy said he would likely take all his visits and decide sometime in January.

Comments. This is another safety that Notre Dame is going to be recruiting very hard. I think he would fit in very well at Notre Dame. I think once Notre Dame offers, he will show more interest in Notre Dame. A great kid and I have heard he is one heck of a player too.

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