Everson is a Name to Watch

Michigan has a lot of talented prospects for the 2007 recruiting class. Cedric Everson of Mumford high school (Detroit, Mich.) is another a name Irish fans should become familiar with. The talented athlete is one of the fastest players in the state and he is a big-time playmaker.

Cedric Everson (6-1, 175 pounds) is one of the top sprinters in the state of Michigan, but he's a football player first and foremost.

"Cedric is at great receiver and a great corner," his father said when asked where Cedric would play in college. "It's really up to him and the university where he plays, but he can play both equally well. It really doesn't matter to him.

"We went down to Notre Dame in November for the Syracuse game and we've been talking to Ianello since."

Mr. Everson is Cedric's football and track coach and the visit they took left a lasting impression.

"I've been a coach now for almost 30 years," Mr. Everson explained. "Being a high school coach I've met quite a few college coaches and NFL coaches, even I was stunned, because he is really a nice guy – genuinely. He had a game that day and he sat down with each and every recruit that came in that day.

"He's so down to earth guy and the coaches feed off his personality; they're relaxed and they make you feel relaxed. As a coach and his parent I want to know you want him (Cedric) there so he can be successful."

Charlie Weis and the Irish staff effectively communicated their message to both parent and recruit.

"The type of feeling that you're in the right place and you fit in, that's the way I feel about Notre Dame" Cedric said of his thoughts on the visit to South Bend. "It feels like I'm in the right place. I just fell in love. It was love at fist sight. Everything was in order. I love my peace. You need your peace all the time and it's just a peaceful place. Everybody is nice too.

"They showed me the love that some other programs haven't. They made me feel like they wanted me there. The facilities were brand new and they were incredible."

Everson made a second trip to South Bend for the junior day January 14 and that confirmed what he had felt on his initial visit. Cedric also has a source on the Irish squad that can provide him additional feedback of how life is at Notre Dame.

"David Grimes at I went to elementary school together," Cedric said. "He said it's real quiet but that he likes it. He said you get to meet different people and you're in a different environment. He said everything is good and he likes it."

Grimes made an early splash at Notre Dame that surprised most Notre Dame fans, but Everson expected Grimes to make his mark early.

"Yeah I did," Everson said when asked if he thought Grimes would play as a freshman. "He's a talented player and he's very intelligent, so I knew he was going to play."

Everson reported offers from Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Iowa St. Vanderbilt, Villanova, North Carolina and most of the MAC schools.

As a junior Everson had 13 interceptions and he returned 10 of those for touchdowns. He also returned10 punts and kicks for touchdowns.

He has registered a 4.29 forty and a 10.5 100 meter.

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