WR Sean Bailey is Keeping The Door Open

<P>Coaches across the country are looking for wide receivers that can stretch the field deep. Sean Bailey has been receiving a lot of attention because of his speed. </P>

Sean Bailey is from Milton HS in Alpharetta, GA. He is 6-1 170 and most schools are recruiting him as a wide receiver. Some are also looking at him as a corner. He was timed at the Nike camp with a 4.4 flat which was one of the fastest times that day.

Sean has 20 offers so far. His favorites as of now are Florida State, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Maryland and Virginia. Bailey had a great season catching 32 balls for over 700 yards and 9 touchdowns. He also had 3 interceptions on the year.

"I am really keeping my options open. I haven't begun to narrow it down yet. I am just enjoying the process. I am open to anyone who is interested in me." Bailey said he probably would wait to talk to some more coaches before he narrows his list down.

Sean does plan to camp at Florida State this year and might camp at Georgia as well. He is a good student with a numeric average of 88% and scored a 1150 on his S.A.T.

I asked Sean what was important to him when he is looking at schools. "Academics are the most important thing. My Dad checks out the internet all the time trying to find out information about the academics at each school. I really want to go to a passing team and I just want to feel comfortable with the coaches and the players. "

Sean said he will likely head out to Stanford this summer and also check out San Diego State and UCLA while he is out there.

Bailey did say he would like to stay close to home if possible but is open to leaving for the right school. He said he would take all 5 visits and decide sometime shortly afterwards.

Comments. This is your typical Notre Dame kid. He fits the mold to a T. He didn't mention Notre Dame once in our conversation. He is a very bright kid and hopefully coach Willingham and his staff can convince him to take a look at Notre Dame. I think he will excel both athletically and academically at Notre Dame.

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