Need Linebacker, Call Wesley

<P>Notre Dame is going to be after some linebackers this year. One player I know they are recruiting hard is Glynn Park high school's Wesley Jefferson. This D.C. are player has been getting a lot of attention. </P>

Wesley Jefferson plays linebacker and plays it well. Evidence is his 163 tackles and 13 sacks last year. More evidence is the offers he has. "Wow, I have over 35 offers. Pretty much every major school has offered me. It's been pretty crazy. I thought a lot of the local schools would know about me but when Miami called, I was pretty shocked. That is the National champs calling."

Wesley has that personality you love. He was laughing and joking with me most of the conversation. He is a guy having a lot of fun with this. "I am really enjoying this. I just didn't expect this many schools to be interested in me. When they start offering you, you get really excited."

Jefferson said he might attend a camp or two but he wasn't sure which camps he would attend at this point. "I think we are just going to get in the car and head south. There are a lot of schools I want to check out. We haven't planned it out yet but we are just going to drive south to see as many as I can."

Wesley is also a pretty good student. He has a 2.8 and a 980 S.A.T. "Academics are the most important thing. I have to go to a good school. The football program is also important. I want to win and the people. I just want to feel comfortable around the people there."

Wesley did mention 5 schools he is prettty interested in. "I like Maryland and Ohio State. I like Michigan State, Miami and Georgia. I like a lot of schools so nobody is out yet. I just need to get some more information about the schools and talk to some more coaches."

The 6-2 230 pound linebacker said distance wasn't a problem. "I kind of like where I am at. I can't see me going somewhere where it's too hot. Two-a-days would kill you. I would like a place that is not too hot or too cold. I am not a big city guy but I don't want to be in a real small town either."

Comments. This is the type of player Notre Dame used to land often. He wasn't that interested earlier but with some good selling, he became interested and eventually signed. Notre Dame needs linebackers and this guy fits the mold. I would hammer this kid with mail to get him interested. He is willing to leave, doesn't seem to be leaning towards any school and can get into Notre Dame. Top Stories