Jones Wants Playing Time Top-100 prospect Richetti Jones, Lincoln high school (Dallas, Texas) was one of the top players in the state of Texas as a junior, which means, as a senior he should be the best in the state. He's big, he's fast and he's a one man wrecking crew.

Once Richetti Jones (6-3 225) finished his sophomore year with 25 sacks, it didn't take long for college coaches to take notice. A year later, after his junior season, the only thing that has changed for Richetti is the amount of recruiting letters that arrive daily.

"It's going good. Everything is good," Jones said when asked how his recruitment was proceeding. "I get a lot of letters and text messages from different schools. I really don't have one particular school that I want to hear from, or one that I want to write. I'm looking for "Playing Time University". I'm leaving all my options open.

"Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and USC send the most letters and text massages. I got a text message from USC the other day. I haven't talked to the coaches, but my grandfather talked to Ken Norton."

Notre Dame fans are yearning for a player that can come of the edge and apply pressure to the quarterback. Jones is that type of player and he might be the best in the country. The Notre Dame staff hasn't flooded Richetti with text messages, but they are certainly aware of him.

"I know they send me letters," Jones replied when asked if he had spoken to the Notre Dame staff. "I get the normal letters that tell me about the school and how they did, but no (hand) written letters. I've haven't gotten any phone numbers or phone calls from them, no text messages."

Baylor, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Nebraska have already offered Jones a scholarship. He doesn't have one from the national champion Texas Longhorns, but that may change when Richetti makes a trip to Austin this weekend.

"Not yet," Jones responded when asked if he had received a scholarship offer from Texas. "I think they will when I go down there for the junior day this weekend.

"I've been up there, but I've never looked around the campus," he added.

Jones will look around but it isn't likely that he will make a quick decision even if the Longhorns produce a scholarship offer.

"I'm not going to commit any time soon," Jones said "I'm going to take the whole recruiting process in stride. I don't want to commit somewhere and then change my mind.

"I do think I'm going to graduate in December," Jones said of his decision to graduate early. "So I think I'll have my decision around then."

As a junior, Jones recorded 73 tackles, 16 sacks and 25 tackles for loss in 10 games. As a sophomore, Jones tallied 75 tackles, 25 sacks and 15 tackles for loss. Top Stories