Irish Interested in Ohio Back

There are a lot of outstanding running backs in Ohio. All of them may not end up playing in the offensive backfield in college, but it is a deep group of juniors. Brandon Saine of Piqua high school (Ohio) deserves to be mentioned in the elite group. Irish Eyes caught up with his head coach to find out what makes Brandon special.

Piqua head coach Bill Nees couldn't be more pleased with the development of Brandon Saine (6-1, 205 pounds). Saine has the natural ability to be good, but he also has the mental make-up to evolve into a great one.

"His speed is obviously the one thing that stands out," Nees said about his standout running back. "If you watch film of him closely, he can run between the tackles, he can break tackles and he can run people over. He's a powerful runner, he squats about 435 pounds.

"One of the things people may not see in the film is his receiving ability. He's an outstanding receiver. He's the type of guy, depending on where he goes to college that they'd be able to plug him in and he'd be able to do anything they ask.

"He's a quiet reserved kid," coach Nees continued. "He's a real hard working guy. He spends a great deal of time in the weight room. He spends year round in the weight room. He also goes in with the track squad and works with those guys on a continuing basis."

Nees believes Brandon could play anywhere on the field, depending on the schools he chooses.

"It depends on where he goes," coach Nees said of Brandon. "The way offenses are now, it's hard to say. Very few people have a fullback and tailback on every play. He's the type of football player that's perfect for the way the game is evolving. He's a modern day player. Some kids you come out and say, ‘where can he play?' He's a player you say ‘Where can't he play?'

"He's our up-back on our punt team, which means he's a great blocker. We trust him to think and make calls. He's very versatile. He has nearly every skill you can think of that football requires."

Good football programs flock to players like Saine and coach Nees is receiving recruiting material from around the country.

"Pretty much everybody," Nees said of the interested Saine is receiving. "Coast to coast, border to border; from Oregon in one direction to Syracuse in the other direction. Ohio State has offered him; Syracuse, Boston College, Oregon, and Stanford have offered him. A number of the MAC schools have offered and Duke is going to offer him.

"Notre Dame has been in touch with him. They have been here and he has been there. He went up to a junior day during the football season.

"Brandon kind of wants to let the smoke clear at the end of spring," coach Nees said of Saine. "He wants to see who has offered and then start to pare it down based on a couple different things." Top Stories