Allen Taking His Time

Tray Allen, South Grand Prairie high school (Texas) is without a doubt one of the best offensive linemen in the country. Allen is a Top-100 player and he has the offers to back that up.

It is a good thing Tray Allen (6-4, 290-pound) is as big as he is, because without his size he'd crumble carrying home the recruiting mail he receives. His attitude might change at some point, but right now, he's enjoying the recruiting process.

"It's going great," Allen responded when asked about recruiting. "I'm just enjoying it. You're only get recruited once. A player from (Texas) A&M told just to enjoy the process."

Part of the process is having a chance to speak with head coaches from some of the top programs from around the country.

"I've talked to Charlie Weis," Allen said. "He told me he was offering me a full scholarship. He wants me to come up. He loved me on tape. He wants to see me in person.

"He was a great guy. We had a great conversation. He sounds like a really good coach. He said that he wanted me to be part of the Fighting Irish family. Since Charlie Weis has been there, he's been opening up doors. Notre Dame is starting to become one of the top programs in the nation. It's a great school.

"I'd heard about the Rudy story," Allen said of his knowledge of Notre Dame prior to being recruited by the Irish. "I know Jerome Bettis went there. I've seen the MTV story of an offensive lineman (Ryan Harris) going to Notre Dame. I thought it would be nice, but I never really gave it a lot of thought until I started to being recruited by them."

Now that Notre Dame is recruiting Allen, it isn't Bettis, or MTV that draws him to the Irish… it's the head man.

"He's coached on all levels," Allen said of Weis. "He knows how to make a player. He knows how to put players out. Coach Weis wanted to know who the best in Texas was, and people said ‘Tray Allen.' So he called me and told me that he wanted me to come play for him."

With Allen, the question isn't ‘who has offered him', the question is ‘who hasn't offered him'. Notre Dame sent their offer a couple weeks ago, and the Texas Longhorns added their offer this past weekend at a junior day.

The visit helped Texas, but as Allen told's Jeremy Patterson, the recruiting process is just beginning for him.

"Nothing has really changed with the schools that I am looking at," Allen told Patterson. "It is still the same. I want to see who all offers and narrow it down to five at some point and take my official visits before I decide. Texas certainly helped their case, but I want to give everyone a fair shot." Top Stories