Matha Visiting ND

More names are starting to surface that are linked to Notre Dame and recruiting. Offensive lineman Dan Matha of McDowell high school (Erie, Pa.) is a player the Notre Dame staff has a tremendous amount of interest in and he'll be attending Notre Dame's junior day with his head coach, Joe Tarasovitch, this coming weekend.

Coach Tarasovitch just finished his first season at McDowell and he's already looking forward to his second season. When you have a big offensive lineman like Dan Matha (6-7, 310-pound) it makes going to work a lot easier.

"We're a power football team, so his (Matha) size and his strength are tremendous," coach Tarasovitch explained. "He's an excellent drive blocker. When he gets to the college level, he'll need to improve on his pass blocking, but that's because we didn't pass the ball much in our offense. We ran the ball quite a bit. This year we hope we'll be able to throw the ball a little better and at the same time improve those pass blocking techniques for him also.

"We run a lot of counter trays and traps, and Dan moves pretty well for 6-7, 310-pounds. If someone gets film on him they'll be able to see him drive, and as I said that's one of his biggest assets. He moves well in our counter tray -- he's climbing up the linebackers quite a bit. We don't have a strong-side and a weak-side, we try to teach our lineman all the same thing.

"I might be on of the old school coaches," coach Tarasovitch said. "Everybody is starting to go to the spread offense and throw the ball a lot more. I really believe colleges have a tough time judging how good a high school lineman is when they see them in a spread offense, because the plays happen so quick. With us you'll know if a guy can run block."

Notre Dame offensive line coach John Latina has done a remarkable job with the front five of the Irish, and he's been in touch with the McDowell headman.

"He's recruiting our area," coach Tarasovitch said of John Latina. "I haven't gotten to meet him yet, I've only talked to him on the phone a couple of times. This weekend we're going to travel up to Notre Dame for their junior day. Dan's been invited, and I'll get a chance to meet coach Latina and talk to him a little more. Hopefully we find out what they expect out of Dan.

"I know when people see him that they'll say ‘holy cow' because God gave him one of those incredible frames. When you look at him you might guess that he's 280 pounds. He just wears it very well. God made him special. When people see him, they're very impressed with him. " Top Stories