Irish Looking at Broyles

Notre Dame is looking for a player to extend the defensive backs and Ryan Broyles of Norman high school (Okla.) is just that type of player. With the University of Oklahoma limited on scholarships, this might be a year where the Irish are able to attract one of the top players from the Sooner state.

Keep your eye on Ryan Broyles (6-0, 170-pounds). There isn't a bunch of recruiting stir about him currently, but that could change soon according to his head coach.

"He already has two offers on the table," coach Peters said. "Ryan has already been offered by Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. As he goes through the summer sports camps and does the things that he's going to do, his popularity will increase … I think It's only beginning.

"The biggest thing about Ryan is his athleticism. He's an all-around athlete. As a sophomore he had seven interceptions. He had five this year as a junior and he missed half the season with a high ankle sprain. On offense he had 19 receptions 355yards (18.7 yards per reception) and five touchdowns. He's a big play type of guy. If he gets the ball you don't get him on the first shot he's going to have a lot of yards after the catch.

"My opinion is that he'd be best suited as a receiver because of his vertical and he has incredible hands," coach Peters said. "He has a knack for getting the ball at its highest point.

"Again, the biggest thing about him is that he's a tremendous athlete," coach Peters said. "He can play either side of the ball and he's also a good return player. When people are looking at him, they're looking at a multi-talented athlete. He likes to compete. He plays three sports, so he does like to compete."

Notre Dame certainly needs playmakers and they are aware of Broyles.

"I don't know what level for Notre Dame," coach Peters said of Notre Dame's interest. "He gets the weekly mail that everyone sends him. He gets it from just about everyone. I think everyone but Texas is sending him stuff right now.

"Oklahoma has a limited number of scholarships so they're going to be selective on who they offer those to. They don't have a lot of seniors this year, and they're a very young football team and they had a very big recruiting class this year. I talked with coach Gundy the other day and he said that they were going to be very selective. Top Stories