Morgan Williams Does it All

The state of Ohio has some of the best high football players in the country. This year the state is filled with talented running backs. One of the top running back prospects in the Buckeye State is Morgan Williams of McKinley high school (Canton, Ohio.) Irish Eyes spoke with McKinley head coach Brian Cross about his standout player.

Whatever they do in Ohio, they're doing it right. Last year Chris Wells was widely considered the top running back in the country. This year Morgan Williams(6-0 190-pounds) is a Top-100 player and one of the best running backs in the Midwest.

"He had a tremendous season last year," coach Cross said of his talented running back. "Last year he rushed for 2,400 yards and he set the single season rushing record and that's a pretty special thing at Canton McKinley. I would imagine that he will be one of the top running backs in the state of Ohio this year and we have a lot of good running backs.

"I think he combines speed and power. He isn't a real big kid, but he can easily be 210-215 pounds. I think he's a 4.5 forty or better. I think when you combine his speed and his power it makes him a pretty special back.

"He has great hands. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. We can line him up in the slot or at a receiver position and he runs good patterns. He's a guy that you don't have to take out of the football game because he can't catch the football.

"I think all the things that you have to do as a running back, he's got the skills you want," coach Cross said. "He's a good blocker. He's a guy that will stay in there and block on pass protections. He's a very solid all-around back."

Williams can do everything college recruiters look for in a running back and he also has the durability to be a workhorse.

"For us he has been a 25-plus carry type kid," coach cross said of Williams. "I think in one game he carried the ball over 40 times. In that game he actually we were going against our main rival which is Massillon. He was in the 225-yard range that day.

"We're an "I" formation team He was definitely our go-to person. We run the inside and outside zone, which is what a lot of colleges run, and he does a nice job of reading the blocking scheme and running to daylight. I hope that will give him an advantage when it comes time for those people to evaluate him at the next level."

College recruiters are talking notice. Williams is receiving recruiting attention from a host of top programs around the country.

"He has heard from quite a few of the Big Ten schools and I assume he will continue to hear from them," coach Cross said. "Indiana has offered him. Of course Ohio State is interested in him; Minnesota, Michigan State and all those schools. I have gotten film from Miami, North Carolina and they want to take a look at him on film.

"I think Rob Ianello is the guy recruiting our area. I know Rob came through during the middle of the season. I believe they have contacted Morgan via mail." Top Stories