Ziemba Receiving National Interest

Even though Lee Ziemba of Rogers High School (Ark.) is a Scout.com Top-100 prospect, he hasn't been a name that Irish recruiting fans are familiar with. That certainly will change when recruiting begins to pick up next month. Irish Eyes spoke with Rogers head coach Ronnie Peacock to find out what makes his player one of the elite offensive line prospects in the country.

Notre Dame was fortunate enough to sign Bartley Webb out of Arkansas in the last recruiting class. A bonus the Notre Dame staff received in recruiting Webb was that they were able to discover how talented Lee Ziemba (6-7, 305) was.

"We've sent film up to them," coach Peacock replied when asked if Notre Dame had been in touch with him about Ziemba. "They recruited a kid (Bartley Webb) from Springdale which is right beside Rogers. John Latina came over to see Lee, he wasn't able to talk to him, but he was very impressed."

John Latina hasn't been the only person impressed with Ziemba's ability. Coach Peacock has had numerous college recruiters come through his office to take a look at his standout offensive lineman.

"The coaches that have come in and looked at him, the comment they make is that he finishes his block," coach Peacock explained. "He'll block you 15 yards down the field, he'll pancake you, turn around and if you're getting up he'll pancake you again. He runs through the block. He's just a pretty exceptional lineman.

He is a great leader on and off the field, a great student (4.0 g.p.a.). He's a good kid, just an excellent kid. He loves the off-season, he loves the weight room and he's a little bit mean. He has long arms, he's got good feet and he moves well. He's the whole package. He has everything going for him. Lee is just a dominant player."

Ziemba not only has everything going for him physically, but he also has most of the top football programs from around the country taking a look at him.

"There's a whole bunch of schools, I couldn't even mention all of them," coach Peacock said of the amount of recruiting interest Ziemba has been receiving. "I still have a lot of film out, but he's been offered by Arkansas, Ole Miss, Auburn, Miss St., Oklahoma St. right off the top.

"He's excited about it (recruiting), and we're excited for him. He gets a lot of letters, but I think the recruiting process is overwhelming. Not bothersome, but with all the text messages that come and the letters he gets everyday it can be (overwhelming). It's a real honor for him, but I guess there's a decision he has to make and he's trying to find which direction he wants to go.

"He's a kid that hasn't gone through the recruiting process. He hasn't been on many college campuses, so I'm not sure what his interest would be (in Notre Dame). I'm not sure if he knows what his interest is either. There are obvious things that interest a kid at the high school level. Southern Cal and Notre Dame are obviously places that are impressive."

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