Carl Pendleton Hopes Notre Dame Offers

<P>Probably nobody in recruiting has seen his name move up higher on the list than Supulpa Oklahoma's Carl Pendleton. Carl's recruiting experience started slow but it is rapidly picking up. </P>

Carl Pendleton stands 6-6 and weighs 261 pounds. Carl used that frame to impress the Oklahoma coaches enough at the OU camp that he came away with a full scholarship offer from Oklahoma.

"I had no clue that I would get this much attention. I thought I was pretty good but I wasn't sure until I went to OU camp. After that, I came back with a lot of confidence that I can play." Since then, Carl has received offers from Oklahoma State, Stanford and Arkansas to go with his offer from Oklahoma.

Carl also said he has been getting a lot of attention from Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Notre Dame and now Florida has just asked for film.

I asked Carl about his top schools. "Well, I really like Oklahoma. Academics are very important to me. I am thinking about 30-40 years from now. I am looking for a coaching staff that will prepare me for life as well as football and to become a better human being. Notre Dame and Stanford are also very high on my list because of that."

I asked Carl if he hoped he got an offer from any other schools. "Yeah, I really want an offer from Notre Dame. Florida and Florida State too. I am originally from Athens so Georgia would be nice too.

Pendleton could not remember his stats but said he knew he had 8 sacks last year. He ran a 4.9 at OU camp and that excited the OU coaches. "I was pretty happy about that too."

Carl said he wasn't in any hurry to make a decision and it's such an important decision that he wants to take his time with it. I asked if distance would be a problem. "That is the thing, I am very close to my family. I am very close to my little brother. I would like to stick closer to home to speak to kids in the area and be an impact in their lives. I know how much that helped me talking to older guys."

Carl said he plans to take all 5 visits and then sit down with his family and make a decision. "Academics are very important to me. I have a 3.78 core and I scored a 22 on the ACT. The coaching staff is also very important me."

Comments. If there is one prospect that I have talked to that is going to love Willingham, this is the guy. Once Coach speaks to this player, I expect ND to right at the very top if they offer. The distance and leaving his family will be hard to overcome. Top Stories