Offers Continue to Come for Martin Top-100 prospect Ben Martin, La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) will be able to pick just about any school in the country to attend. Sometimes the recruiting process can be overwhelming for a player of his caliber, but Martin is just taking everything in stride


The defensive line is a priority for the Notre Dame staff. The Irish need to land several recruits in the 2007 recruiting class that will be able to play early in their careers. One such player is Ben Martin (6-6, 220-pounds).

"Pretty good right now," Martin replied when asked how recruiting was progressing. "I'm getting offers regularly now that are coming in from schools like Duke. Maryland just sent one out. Another one that shocked me was Ole Miss. West Virginia and Boston College have sent offers. When Florida offered I was shocked, that was a good offer.

"My coaches told me during the season that recruiting was going to pick up after the season. I wasn't sure about that, but then I started getting all this mail. Then they said it's going to get worse than this. So I just had to prepare myself and try to keep a level head with all this attention.

"I'm still a regular kid at school, everybody already knows. I'm just a regular guy," he added.

With the number of offers piling up on Martin's desk, there will come a point that he'll need to start narrowing his list of school to a manageable group.

"I'm not focusing on it now," Martin responded when asked if he had begun to pare down his list of college options. "I have a few schools that I'm thinking about right now, but nothing where I'm narrowing it down, or ‘no, I don't want to go far away' or ‘I want to be this far from home.' I'm not really focused on distance right now. I'm just trying to meet people and see how I'd fit in their program.

"I talked to Charlie Weis about two weeks ago, I'll call him to check in and see what's he's doing. He's doing pretty well. I really haven't talked to the defensive coaches in awhile, since I was up there for the USC game."

Since the USC game the Notre Dame staff has hosted two junior days. Each event had a number of big-name recruits in attendance. One name that hasn't appeared on the visitors list is Ben Martin.

"I'm in basketball so it's pretty hard for me get out for just for a day during the weekend," Martin explained. "Our games are on Friday night so I try to relax on the weekends and try to stay home." Top Stories