Jones Will Trip to South Bend

Chaz Jones from Cleveland Heights high school (Ohio) is a player that will build momentum as the recruiting year moves along. Last season he played quarterback, but he will most likely find a spot on the defensive side of the ball in college.

Chaz Jones (5-11, 207-pounds) wasn't your typical kid growing up in the heart of Buckeye territory. Jones decided to choose his own path when it came to cheering for a college football team.

"I grew up a Michigan fan," Jones replied when asked if he grew up an Ohio State buckeye fan. "My parents and everybody looked at me like ‘why are you rooting for Michigan?' "As I got older, I also realized, I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I'm supposed to be an Ohio State fan. So I became a big fan of them.

"Later on when I attended a Catholic school, I became more familiar with Notre Dame, the tradition and their fans, so I'm kind of a mixed fan. "

Now that college football recruiting has turned to the juniors, Jones is starting to hear from some of the top programs in the country like Michigan, Illinois, Indiana Purdue, Boston College and Georgia Tech. Jones has also been receiving interest from the Irish coaching staff.

"I first heard from them in September. Coach Ianello sent me a business card and told me to call me if I ever had any questions. He said he enjoyed hearing about me and learning about me." Jones said of his initial contact from the Irish. "I have a lot of interest in Notre Dame. I used to attend St. Ignatius so I'm familiar with the tradition and it's a great academic school, which is the most intriguing thing about it.

"I went to camp there last summer. I met a lot of the coaches while I was there. Charlie Weis wasn't there unfortunately, but I met most of the position coaches. I'm familiar with the running backs coach, coach Haywood, because I worked out with the running backs.

"They had beautiful facilities," Jones continued "They were rebuilding the weight room. It wasn't completely finished, but the indoor practice facility was beautiful. It was one of the best I saw."

Obviously the Notre Dame coaches would like to see more of Jones. He was invited to the January 14 junior day, but due to a conflict he couldn't attend.

"Since we missed the junior day I January, my dad an I are going over to a spring practice," Jones said.

Jones listed his top three schools as Michigan, Illinois, and Notre Dame.

Jones played exclusively at quarterback last season. He had over 800 yards rushing and 800 yards passing.. He was named All-Conference, All-County, and All-District. Top Stories