Bynes is a National Recruit Top-100 linebacker prospect Josh Bynes from Boyd H. Anderson high school (Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.) has a ton of talent and he's a wrecking crew on defense. Irish Eyes spoke with Boyd head coach Lawal McCray to get his thoughts on his standout linebacker


Coach McCray is a football guy. You talk to him for thirty seconds and you know he has a grasp for the "Xs and Os". Good football guys know talent. To hear coach McCray tell it, when you watch Josh Bynes (6-3, 220-pounds) play, the talent is hard to miss.

"One thing about Josh is that he's unique with his size, he's a big strong kid," coach McCray said of Bynes. "He's a leader, not only a vocal leader, but by example. He pushes himself and his teammates very hard. He's going to be the best he can possibly be.

"He's very intense. He's more of a controlled intense. Getting guys focused and ready to go -- no playing, no joking around. Make a big hit, slap a high-five, get back in the huddle and get ready to go again – all business.

"He has a real good frame," McCray continued. "He's not too bulky in the sense that he can't move or he's stiff. One thing we worked on last year was explosiveness and flexibility and I think that helped him with his range and his ability to go sideline to sideline. He has a perfect build; broad shoulders, lean, not fat and not too bulky."

Generally physical development is easier for high school players than the mental side of the game. McCray has been impressed with Bynes growth, and his football IQ.

"One thing he does now is read the guards really well and then stick his nose in there," McCray explained. "The rule of thumb is if you read the guards, they'll take you to the ball. You read that and react to them, they'll take you to the running backs every single time. He has the knack of doing that and then finding the ball.

"I think one thing he improved on from his sophomore year is his ability to get off blocks, shed blocks and blow up in the hole. That is hard to teach, when to blow it up and when to slip and go underneath the block, He has that innate ability."

Coach McCray said Notre Dame has been sending Bynes mail, but indicated that the Irish staff hadn't been in contact with him yet…although plenty of other schools have been.

"Everyone from Auburn to Florida to Miami, Florida State North Carolina, Tennessee and Nebraska," coach McCray said of the schools he has spoken to about Bynes. "He's definitely a national recruit.

As a junior, Bynes had 147 tackles, 33 tackles for loss and eight forced fumbles.

Coach McCray reported Bynes core g.p.a. as 3.0. Top Stories