Top Corner Is Camping

<P>One of my favorite things to do is to talk to the parents of prospects. The parents are usually a lot of fun. Alex Woodley Sr. is no exception. I had a great conversation with a great guy as we discussed Alex's recruiting and his future plans. </P>

Mesquite HS in Mesquite, TX is home to Alex Woodley. Alex is a runningback/cornerback that is being recruited by Notre Dame. He doesn't have any offers as of yet but I think they will be coming shortly.

Alex Woodley Sr. and I talked about his son's recruitment. "Right now, he is heading back from Iowa State camp. He is interested in Iowa State because they are recruiting him as a runningback and he likes the offense and how they use their runningbacks."

I asked Alex Sr. who else is recruiting him. "He is going to West Virginia camp later tonight. He received calls from Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU and Texas A&M. Those are the schools that seem to be very interested in him at this point."

Alex Sr. said that each school is recruiting him for different positions. "Iowa State want him as a runningback. Notre Dame wants him as a corner. A&M said they want him as a runningback and LSU said they want him as an athlete and he could help them on either side of the ball."

I asked Alex Sr. what he felt his son wanted to play. "Well, I think he likes runningback but he likes to hit people and you do a lot of that as a runningback as well. He went to some summer camps and worked out as a corner and he impressed a lot of people playing corner. He will play either but I do think he prefers to play runningback.

I asked Alex Sr. what was going to be important in his son's decision and where he wanted him to go. "Academics are very important. I just want him to have an opportunity to get a good education. I will let him make his own decision. I do like Notre Dame. I grew up watching them but since living here, I have watched A&M and became an A&M fan as well. It doesn't matter, as long as he gets a good education, I am going to be happy."

Comments. Alex is supposed to call me later tonight to get some quotes. I really enjoyed talking to his Dad. I think if Notre Dame offers Alex, they have a good shot to land him. Top Stories