Clemons Enjoys Competition Top-100 wide receiver Toney Clemons of Valley high school (New Kensington, Pa.) is going to have a flood of offers before too long. The standout wide competed at the Pittsburgh combine and showed why he should be considered one of the top prospects in the country.

Not only is Toney Clemons (6-3, 185-pounds) a Top-100 prospect, but he recently proved that he deserves the early recognition as he was named MVP of the Pittsburgh combine.

"It was good. It was competitive," Clemons said of the combine held last weekend. "It was friendly and well respected from every aspect. Everyone down there could play and everyone had talent. It was competitive because everyone wanted to come in a show what they could do. It had a good vibe. It had good match-ups to let you know where you are amongst the other great kids. It let you know that you were the best of the best. It was a real good camp; one of the best I've been to.

"There were coaches from schools, but I really didn't focus on them. You just want to focus on what you have to do and perform. There were a couple of scouts from Michigan. Ohio State was there and Penn State. There were a lot of eyes on you. They wanted to see if you could play under pressure.

"I did all right," Clemons said modestly. "I was satisfied from coming out rusty from one sport (indoor track) to another. But I was satisfied with my performance. I felt I could have done better. In other areas I did pretty well.

"I felt I could have done better on my shuttle run because I had a slip. What shocked me was the ‘L-cone' drill, because I had never done it before. I wasn't sure what a good time was. I wasn't even sure of how to run the course. I sat back and watched some of the kids do it. Terry Smith of Gateway gave me a few pointers on how to run it and I actually ran one of the better times.

"It was a good experience. I felt I came off the line and my route running was crisp. Like I said, coming off another sport I didn't expect to get in a groove so fast," he added.

Recruiting has eased off slightly with teams preparing for spring practice, but Clemons doesn't expect that to last long.

"It's going pretty good," Clemons said of recruiting. "There are some schools going full bore and there are other schools that are preparing for spring practice because they're obligated to their team. They invite you to spring practice. They don't totally leave you out. It's not as urgent to them as it was, since their season is coming up on them so fast so that's something you have to understand. You can't get discouraged if the mail is lightening up.

"I have a couple of schools I'd like to get up to. I'm going to go to Akron for a junior day this weekend. I'm going to Penn State on March 25 for a junior day. I'm going to hit Ohio State spring practice; I'm going to hit Pitt, and Notre Dame. I'm going to try to get to Miami and Florida State for one of their practices. They've sent me schedules and want me to come down there.

"Ole Miss has offered," Clemons said. "Akron, UConn, and Pitt. Clemson is on their way to offering from what my coach said. Ohio State and Notre Dame should be coming back in the spring. So we'll see how that goes when they come back.

"Ohio State has been on me for a while they've come through. Their coach calls my coach to make sure I get film to them, spring practice schedules and try to get me up there.

"Michigan is starting to get involved. They text and send me hand written mail. They laid off for awhile early and now they're starting to come on heavy now."

As a junior, Clemons finished with 43 catches for 666 yards and nine touchdowns. Top Stories