Mabin Continues to Impress

Jordan Mabin of Nordonia High School (Macedonia, Ohio) is a name to keep an eye on. In January he competed at the U.S. Army junior combine where he was named to the all-combine team. He followed that performance with a strong showing at the Pittsburgh combine.

If you're looking for a player that isn't afraid to get out and compete against the top players, Jordan Mabin (5-11, 185-pounds) is your type of guy.

"I was down at Pitt. I had a good time down there," Mabin said of's combine. "I got to check out the facilities. It was great. It was a good time down there. I got to compete.

"Nick Sukay was one of the top receivers there, as well as Toney Clemons. I just loved matching up with the best. I feel that I can match up with any receiver. It was definitely great going up against them and just competing.

"I stayed down there with Dorin," Mabin said of his cousin and future Pitt Panther wide receiver Dorin Dickerson. "It's a great thing about Pitt, seeing that Dorin goes there, the family connection will definitely help out if I go there. I spent time with him, and he drove me to the combine. He was there for support, which was great."

With another strong showing at the Pitt combine, Mabin has given college recruiters plenty of material to evaluate.

"There's been a lot of schools that have been talking to me now that I've proven myself at these combines," Mabin said of increase in recruiting attention. "I guess the offers definitely help bring your confidence level up. I have two [offers] right now, Pitt and Indiana, and hopefully more will be on their way.

"I'm hearing from Michigan a lot. Of course Pitt and Ohio State are probably the top three right now," Mabin said of the schools he's most interested at this time. "Definitely Notre Dame. I haven't heard from them recently but they always used to send me stuff. When I went down there it was definitely a good time. I got to talk to the coaches and everything. Just recently they've been sending less than they had been in the past. I do still like Notre Dame a lot."

Mabin has already had a very busy 2006, but he doesn't intend to slow down now.

"I'll definitely go up to a spring practice at Ohio State. It's pretty close," Mabin said. "They had a junior day, which I went to. It had 10 to 15 kids. It was a smaller junior day. It's more of a personal type of feeling. You get to talk to all the coaches. It feels like they're talking to you more. I know with the bigger junior days they're trying to talk to everyone equally and you kind of get lost. When these schools have the smaller junior days it's definitely a great feeling getting to talk to all the coaches.

"I'll definitely get to a Pitt practice as well," Mabin added.

Mabin rushed for 1,495 yards and 22 touchdowns this season. Top Stories