Jones Just Waiting

Current Irish quarterback commit Demetrius Jones loves to compete. Jones was often seen last year at every camp known to man showing off his considerable skills. The 6-3, 205-pound quarterback also likes to compete in the style category, and the last time we spoke with Jones he was in a friendly battle with some friends on signing day. Who won?

Irish Eyes Power Hour fans will remember the last time we checked in with Demetrius Jones, the night before signing day, he and his friends were having a battle of which player would look the best on their signing day TV appearance. We caught up with Jones to find out how he's recovering from his injured shoulder, and who ultimately won the best dressed award amongst friends.

"Ramone (Johnson) won," Jones admitted when asked who won the friendly competition. "I was fly, but he was real fly. He had it shut down. He was real fly. If he was my size, I would've won, but he's so damn big that you just noticed him more. I'll admit it, he won."

With signing day over and the hoopla of recruiting in the rearview mirror, Jones acknowledges he's actually quite bored right now.

"I'm just waiting," Jones said. "I wish I would've graduated early. I talk to James (Aldridge) and George (West) all the time. They're loving it there right now. They're getting ready for spring football and I'm just working out and going through my playbook."

The Morgan Park high school star says he has plenty to keep him busy, but he'd love to be on the field this spring competing for the Irish.

"I'm running indoor track right now. We're almost finished with that. I'm running the 4X100, the 4X200 and the 55 meters right now," he said. "I'll probably run some outdoor track, but probably not near as much because I need to work out and I want to go to the spring practices (at Notre Dame)."

We asked Jones how many spring practices he planned to attend over the next month.

"I'm going to try to go to every one," he said. "I really feel like I can learn a lot just by watching them. I can watch the quarterbacks and see what mistakes they're making and try not to make those when I get my chance. I think it will be a great learning environment for me. When I have questions, I can ask. You can't learn as much just looking at a book."

"I'm lifting quite a bit and obviously running for track," Jones said when asked if he's been working out. "I even started throwing again. My shoulder is fine. I'm throwing again and just trying to get stronger. I try to spend at least six hours a week with the book trying to learn what I need to know. Other than that, I'm just waiting."

Jones also knows high school will soon be over and he's looking forward to the new challenges ahead at Notre Dame.

"I'm just trying to enjoy the last few months with my boys," he said. "I know I'll be heading to a bigger stage in June. I'll just be a guy there. I know I'll have to build up my reputation there again and earn their respect."

But are we going to get some pictures of his signing day TV appearance?

"I'm sorry about that," he said. "I forgot to send them to you. I'll try to get them to you right away. I did look good though."

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