Jones Gets Glimpse of Future

Quarterback Demetrius Jones got a glimpse of his future this past Saturday as the 6-3, 200-pound Chicago, Ill. native was spotted taking in the his first Irish spring practice of the season. What did Jones learn this past Saturday?

"It was all business," said Demetrius Jones of his recent visit for Saturday's spring practice. "I came down to learn something and that's what I did. I just hope I remember everything."

Jones said he was attached to the hip of quarterback coach Peter Vaas and head coach Charlie Weis throughout Saturday's practice.

"I stood by them the entire time," Jones said. "I was there asking questions the entire time. Coach Weis was asking me about my playbook and how much I know of it. They were asking me about coverages, what audibles I should make here, all that kind of stuff. He was pointing out what all the quarterbacks did right and wrong and what they needed to do.

"It was really helpful. You can read about this stuff in a book, but it's entirely different when you watch it all unfold in practice. You can get a lot better idea of the play when everything is running full speed. I think it helped me out a lot."

Jones also attended practice with fellow future classmate Sergio Brown.

"Sergio came down with me," he said. "He stayed at my place on Friday and we drove down in the morning. We both talked about how much just being there and watching it helps you. We'll be back down again soon. I'll come down every weekend as long as it doesn't interfere with my track schedule. It's kind of hard to get there during the week as I have to do my homework."

We asked Jones what he learned for his time spent at practice.

"It's going to take some time to get the offense down," he said with a laugh. "Like anyone, I expect I'll have some trouble getting it right away. I'm just going to try to learn as much of it as I can before I get there, but it is a lot different when you're actually doing it or watching it. I really wish I was there now trying to learn it." Top Stories